Ex on The Beach

How do you deal with your ex love? It doesn't matter whether its a girl or a guy's response but heck meeting your ex is rarely easy unless you guys ironed things out or parted peacefully. And how interesting (and saucy) can things get when you put together some gorgeous looking boys and girls at a beach getaway...with their exes! I present to you Ex on The Beach - a reality TV series on MTV. 

The show kicks off when eight single guys and girls arrive in a beautiful Mediterranean paradise and move into a luxury villa. All expect to find romance in this holiday get together. They are however n for a surprise and ex-citement as their ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends arrive to join them in their dream holiday getaway at a gorgeous villa in the Mediterranean. Its probably more like a dream holiday at a luxury villa turn nightmare.
Ex on the Beach Episode 7 premieres tonight on MTV at 10pm (MAL). Things gets juicier. More emotions flare ups. Ash and Talitha split up and he instantly hooks up with Chloe. Interesting 'bitching' goes on in the villa among the girls. And who would fancy a date in a cemetery? Well that is precisely what Ross and Shelby did. A date in a cemetery!

The highlight of this episode. Chloe, Emily and Vicky are summoned to the beach. Someone else's ex is about to emerge from the sea.  By now, they all know that "Not one good thing has come out of the sea" since all exes arrive from the sea ala Bond style.
Fiery, loud and no nonsense Vicky gets the shock of her life. For those who watched Geordie Shore, then this is the very same Vicky Pattinson who had a not so good breakup from her fiance Ricci Guarnaccio. You can imagine how fiery she gets when she sees that the ex is non other than Ricci! Lots of attacks from Vicky so you can imagine why Ricci said "She’s got a problem, she’s got issues," 

Find out what happens in episode 7 of Ex on the Beach by tuning in to MTV this Sunday at 10pm (MAL). I guarantee you lots of hot bods, interesting saucy conversations...some that would probably make our ancestors roll in their grave. 

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