Its Time for Zespri Kiwifruits

Its time to celebrate because its kiwifruits season. To be precise...its Zespri kiwifruit season. While I love kiwifruits, the European ones just don't quite tickle my fancy. It lacks the flavour that Zespri kiwifruits has. 

More reasons to love Zespri kiwifruits other than for its taste and vibrant colours is its nutrition values! A two-piece serving of kiwifruit has twice the vitamin C of an orange, as much potassium as a banana and as much fiber as a serving of bran flakes and its all less than 100 calories. Kiwifruit is also a good source of magnesium, is sodium free and a low-fat source of vitamin E.

And if you are wondering what my fridge looks like? Well its all nicely stocked up with both variants of Zespri Kiwifruits since the hubster likes the SunGold while I prefer the Green. My first buy was 30 pieces which basically needs to be replenished under a week per se. Its part of our brekkie smoothies (click for recipe), eaten on its own or part of my recipes. Yes there are more recipes that I have created over the few weeks and I will be sharing them soon.
Yummy Zespri kiwifruits camping in my fridge but its not for long since we go through them pretty fast!
Smoothie time! Follow me on Instagram for more random smoothie recipes from my breakfast! This is made with Zespri kiwifruit, green apple, lettuce, celery and flaxseed.
Bread with home made peanut butetr and Zespri kiwifruits. This was one of my fave meals during my recent illness. The refreshing goodness of kiwifruits was awesome as I needed the nutrition and stayed well hydrated through my meals.
Eating them on their own. 
More open face sandwiches. Alpine bread with cheddar and kiwifruits. Yes, I love the SunGold variant with its skin on. You get more nutrition and fibre that way. The hubster likes his Green ones with the skin but I personally find it a tad hairy for my liking. The SunGold kiwifruit with skin taste and feels like apple skin. Yummeh!
Kiwifruits with some meat! 
Kiwifruit on pizzas!

There's of delicious ways to eat kiwifruits. Do share with me your fave style of eating them! For more information on Zespri kiwifruits:

Full set of pics from this season of Kiwifruits (and its still growing when I upload the recipes with kiwifruits): Kiwifruits and more kiwifruits

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