Let's Get Crafty!

 Call them Papa, Father, Ah Pa...whatever you want to call your Dad, the third Sunday of June every year is dedicated to them. This year we celebrate Father's Day on Sunday 15 June 2014. And what is your game plan for Dad other than taking him out for dinner and buying him a gift? I will be taking a cue from Jono Gelfand that I could make Dad a card. Yes, a special Father's Day card with my own pair of hand!

And in case you are wondering...Jono is the General Manager for Spotlight Stores. We met recently during my trip to Gold Coast, Australia in May this year. Of course during my visit there, I spent some time at Spotlight Store going gaga over their home, DIY and arts & crafts offerings. For those who spent time in Singapore, Australia or even New Zealand will be familiar with Spotlight Stores. And if you have been missing them now that you are back in Malaysia, then the GOOD news is Spotlights Stores will be opening their first store in Malaysia on Saturday 12 July 2014 at Ampang Point. This will be the first of many stores that we will be seeing throughout Malaysia. So mark your calendars for opening date to check out the many Spotlight product offerings and bargains that they are famous for!

Back to Father's Day...when was the last time that you dabbled in arts & craft? And more so, when was the last time that you made Daddy something personally on his special day? Well thanx to Jono, this year I will be making my Daddy a special card instead of buying him just another gift and treating him to a meal. Daddy's (not so little girl anymore) under Jono's guidance managed to piece together a unique and money can't buy card this year.

And in case you are wondering if this card making thingy is just for Father's can do it for any occassion. And in fact, for all Daddies out there, this greeting card making is a great activity that you can do together with your kids. Arts & crafts isn't just for women and children. In fact, Spotlight Stores in Australia noted that fathers often pop into their stores for arts & crafts ideas for them to do with their kids. So fathers...when Spotlight Stores opens in Malaysia, head on over to grab the materials for some good, old fashion quality time with your kids!

Items required for this greeting card are all available in Spotlight when they open. There will be many different themes that you can choose from from birthdays, parties, wedding etc. To make the following card:
• card board
• coloured paper
• stickers
• glue
• scissors

Fold the card into half following the marked line. Then stick the coloured paper onto the cardboard and begin sticking the stickers in any style that you wish. Simple. Check out the video on the marvellous card that Jono made. His was of course nicer than mine!

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THANX for reading this post. Stay tuned for more updates on Spotlight Malaysia and there will be a special event held for readers at Spotlight Ampang Point. Yes, there will also be blog posts coming this month on my recent trip to Gold Coast!
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