Skinny Chocolate Cake

Like many girls, I love cakes. However I don't like my cakes overly sweet. I hate it when people tell me that cakes are meant to be sweet. Excuse me...while I don't bake often I know a good cake does not have to be obscenely sweet. A good cake is all about texture and real flavours! The weekend has been a good one. I had my cake, it was deliciously good and the best of it all, its a vegan cake - no eggs, no milk and no butter. Say hello to Bisou's Skinny Chocolate.

Bisou’s Skinny Chocolate is rich. Its moist. Its satisfying. Its what I call a real cake even though its vegan. Made with loads of cocoa, vanilla, soy milk and definitely less sugar to achieve a healthier cake. Personally, this is definitely one of the best vegan cakes I have had (other than the ones I baked myself). Priced at RM11 per square. Its addictively good so forget about sharing. I ate 1 on my own at Bisou andhelped myself to another slice an hour later at home. LOLZ. Guilty? Nope because its Skinny Chocolate with less fat and less sugar.

And what makes Bisou’s Skinny Chocolate extra yummy, Bisou will be giving away approximately 400 pieces of full sized squares Bisou Skinny Chocolate for FREE throughout the month of June! Now you can have your cake...and have it FREE too! Stalk Bisou on Instagram and Facebook for location, dates and times.

Bisou Bake Shop.  
10am to 10pm everyday.  
• Bangsar Village +603 2287 3535 
• Suria KLCC +603 2166 5525 
• 1Utama +03 7728 6525

Full set of pics: Skinny Chocolate Cake

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