Was just looking through some old pics over the long weekend and while I ran through my scrapbook of sorts, once again a dear friend Brandon crossed my mind. Of course I also relish and am grateful to have many dear friends whom I can count to be friends that I can fall back for support. Aptly, one of my all time favourite songs  by Kris Thomas "Balloons" also came into mind.

If you have followed The Voice, then this is the very same Kris Thomas who was one of the finalist for Season 4. Met him in person last year when he mesmerized us with his singing, sounding just as good as he is on TV. He's friendly and pretty much the charming boy we see during the show. Enjoy the song...enjoy the lyrics.
Without a single word, you can lift me high.
Friends are like balloons that I tie round my heart so I can fly.

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