Fusion Wellness @ Mines Wellness Hotel

What's your stress level? What's your health condition? When was the last time did you take a break for your own health and sanity? Complaints of no time for a getaway is no excuse if you love your body. While I have been lucky enough to have frequent getaways, the same isn't for the hubster as he is often stuck in the studio with our creative team even over the weekends. I supposed that's the perils of running your own advertising agency. Couple of months back, we both managed to sneak off for our short 2 days 1 night getaway at Mines Wellness Hotel.

The beauty of this getaway was its still within a comfortable 15 minutes drive from the city. So had there been any emergency with work, we both could have easily returned to our office in town. Thankfully, the clients were kind. Our retreat in Mines Wellness Hotel was absolutely perfect from the moment we checked in.

The theme was fusion wellness and it was definitely an eye opener for us and our bodies on the many therapies that one could indulge and adopt to rejuvenate and destress ourselves. An efficient and friendly check in into our room with a pretty view to soothe our soul. 
The room is simple and cozy. I have no qualms chilling in the room itself actually:D
A pretty view from my balcony!

Rejuvenating the body with delicious and healthy food is always a good idea. There are 3 eateries in Mines Wellness Hotel. Abdul & Charlie's whips out local and international cuisine, Cheng Ho serves Chinese while the Sunset Lounge serves light bites and snacks. 

Abdul & Charlie
Nourishing soups are one of Cheng Ho's signature must haves. This soothing bowl of double boiled winter melon and dry scallop soup works to whet the appetite and nourishes the body.
Meat isn't necessarily unhealthy. This plate of stir fried ostrich meat at Cheng Ho is another brilliant dish that represents what Cheng Ho is all about...delicuous and helathy food can go hand in hand! The meat is tender yet low in fat and full flavoured with the brilliant use of spring onions and ginger.

Meals do not have to be boring and held indoors. If you have a wedding o a special occasion, do check out the outdoor dining option at Abdul & Charlie. Set beside the beach (yes there is a man made beach and a scenic view of the lake, I had a brilliant dinner under the stars. An interesting showcase of the restaurant's western menu that plays with herbs and spices for a healthier touch.
A beach wedding...or in our case a dinner under the stars!
The view behind my seat.
Grilled marinated pesto spring chicken with potato pumpkin cake, green sprouts and shallot thyme jus.

I must say that the therapy options at Mines Wellness are quite good. Take your pick of the following options:
• Spa
• Ayurveda
• Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• Health Qi Gong
• Yoga
• Herbaline
• Traditional Malay Therapy

We managed to check out the spa, Ayurveda, TCM, yoga and Qi Gong. Its been a good experience and I am certainly looking forward for another escapade with the hubster. The spa is basic but its good enough. A soak in the heated pool followed by a sauna or steam room does wonders for the skin. It does open up the pores and prepares the body for the massages that one may want to opt for.

We opted for Ayurveda on day 1. Take your pick from the 12 treatments. Since there is only one male and one female therapists, its recommended that you book ahead of time. For those who battle with headaches, migraines or insomnia, then you must check out Shiro Dhara which is a therapeutic medicated oil drip on the head. As I was nursing an aching shoulder and neck, I opted for the Anto Stress Massage that did gently soothe and rid the knots. I was so relaxed within the first 5 minutes of the massage that I basically drifted off to sleep and woke up at the end of the 30 minutes massage totally relaxed. It must have been a good combination of the earlier spa and massage combined!

Shiro Dhara - Ayurvedic Oil Drip

I have always loved TCM treatments. The Golden Horses Health Sanctuary at Mines Wellness Hotel is very extensive and the services includes TCM prescriptions, pharmacy, acupuncture, cupping, healthy qi gong and a long list of other TCM treatments. Fear not, as the Chinese physicians, herbalists and TCM therapists here are all certified. In our case, our therapies started off with an appointment with the Chinese physician who went through a series of questionaire and our pulse reading. The usual works that I have not been watching my intake of food properly thus resulting in a bout of indigestions a few weeks before we checked ourselves into Mines Wellness Hotel. Th hubster had bad circulation which we were not surprised. Based on the consultation with the physician, we both headed off for our respective treatments.
Check out the many herbal preparations that are available at the TCM centre.
Pulse reading
A foot reflexology does more than just to relax the feet. Done correctly, it also serves to correct the internal organs.
Traditional tuina for the hubby to get his chi (energy) moving moving! It did wonders to soothe his aching muscles too.
Cupping is an interesting ancient Chinese technique of stimulating the flow of body fluids (blood and lymph) and energy without needles. The partial vacuum cupping using heat or suction works to draw up underlying tissue resulting in blood stasis and localized healing begins thereafter. If you don't mind the bruised look for a few days, then this is a brilliant treatment that soothes the nerves and promotes deep relaxation.
I have a strange love for needles so its the ancient healing of acupuncture for me to regulate the flow of vital energy and blood in the body using needles. In fact, acupuncture has been an important part of my life for the last 12 months ever since I tore my hamstring.
Something new to me and that's the little "tower" that you see placed on my stomach (to be precise, it was placed over my belly button). This treatment of Chinese Moxibustion dispels cold and dampness from the body through the burning of a herb Mugwort. It was comfortable and warm, and I actually fell asleep throughout the treatment.

Exercises are part of being healthy. And if you like to exercise indoor, then there is a gym for your pleasure during your stay. Alternatively, opt for Yoga or even qigong. You can also swim or even take a walk around the serene green gardens.
I love watching the folks on the ground floor when working out at this gym.
A walk around the gardens.
Yoga is a good option. And if you like yoga, why not check out the yoga classes held here.
Qigong is something new to me. Looks can be deceiving as its really a good workout that is easy on the joint yet promotes a good sweat. The moves are smooth and at the end of my 45 minutes Qigong session, I broke into a good nice sweat and felt energised. Definitely an interesting exercise that I am keen to explore further in the near future.

The  2 days 1 night stay at Mines Wellness Hotel was short but it did wonders for both the husbter and I. With such good facilities and strategic location, we are certainly booking ourselves a place for another retreat soon. 
2 days of bliss
3 days 2 nights of detox for the body, mind and soul.

And if you are interested, why not check out the Mines Privilege Card that enables you to enjoy the above therapies and dining options at a discounted rate of upto 65% off from the the services. Here's what you can expect from your Mines Privilege Card:
Mines Privileges Card
• 30% Discount on F&B
• 50% Discount on published room rate
• 20% Discount on Ayurveda services
• 20% Discount on GHHS BioHerbs
• 30% Discount on the Spa (wet area)
• Special rate for Natural Cure, Ayurveda packages and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services
• Free usage of gym and swimming pool
• Complimentary 1kg cake
• Complimentary buffet voucher*
• Complimentary 2 Days 1 Night stay, inclusive of breakfast*
 *Terms and conditions apply.

Mines Wellness Hotel
Jalan Dulang, Mines Wellness City,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
T: +603 8943 6688

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