Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 - Here I come

3 days more to my next full marathon. The chosen run is the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014, a race that I missed last year when I was injured. On my recent trip to Gold Coast in the month of May, I had the fun to run at part of the coming marathon's route and yes...its super exciting. 

Preps for this race is almost complete except I don't think I am in the physical form that I intended to be. After the weeks of antibiotics with the last being flu meds last week, I reckon I am only 50% the form of what I was when I ran the Standard Chartered Hongkong Marathon in February this year. Pretty much all training between the last SCHKM and MWM races have gone down the drain. So what do I expect to do? I think its just best to head in and have a fun time completing 42.195km. Though I am honestly disappointed that I won't be running my best timing, I am looking at the bright side of things that today, the doctors gave me clearance to run for the race since the platelet count is good and there is no signs of any gold fishes in my lungs (lung infection cleared). 

Till tomorrow, I am now on a protein rich diet without carbs to deplete my glycogen before I begin my carbo loading to fuel my run beginning Thursday dinner. There are also visits to my acupuncturist to get my muscles in order so that I can run as much of the 42km race as I can...and hopefully i don't have to resort to walking in a race. But its fingers crossed that I finish the race within the 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Flight is booked on AirAsiaX for the hubster and I. This trip is special because its the very first time that he is accompanying me for a race anywhere. Since its a long flight, a comfort kit is a must for me to snuggle and sleep throughout my flight so that I am rested for my run. 

Am back running in my fave compression by CWX compression, Subaru cap (hubby calls it my happy cap), Saucony Mirage 3 and Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active. Basically its pretty much the same assemble that I wore in my last 2 full marathons. 

Accommodation is also sorted out. Will be staying at Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast. Its the city's only casino and will be interesting to see the the upgrades since its recent refurbishing. Pretty much if my legs are stiffened like rocks after the run, I can happily still opt to stay within the hotel and enjoy its facilities which includes 7 award winning restaurants including Zen which I hear serves very awesome duck pancakes and the very awesome pool!

Race wise... I did have my pre runs along part of the full marathon route when I was staying in Palazzo Versace in May. Its a lovely flat route...perfect for those who want to achieve their personal best timing.
And if you are wondering whether to join the race this year..yes you can!!! The #GCAM14 is still opened for registration until 8pm Friday 4th July 2014 and you can pick up your race bib until Saturday 5th July at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. And for Malaysians who want to fly in, AirAsiaX flies in daily to Gold go grab your flight now for a weekend in Gold Coast!
This is one of the many beautiful sceneries that I ran pass and its part of the race route as well.
Another reason to fly in for this run is the beautiful beach in Gold Coast that is walking distance from the race venue!

Some preps that I have done specifically for race day:
Downloaded the Gold Coast Airport Marathon app. This is available for free for both iOS and Android users. The App features course maps, pre-race tips on nutrition, a race day pack list and assists with my pacing strategy. On race day, the App will allow me to check your split times every kilometre and collates your timing stats post-race and much more. This cool app is also linked with the My Asics training programme that I was using as part of my training.
Brought extra cash in my hydration belt so I could treat myself to a nice coffee at the many coffee joints along the route should I decide to walk...
and of course to buy myself a delicious lunch after my race. A lovely sandwich like this is just the perfect meal to refuel after a marathon!
The Race Precinct is located at the Broadwater Parklands. Its a beautiful spot to chill out after the race before I head out for the beach!

So how are my feelings right now 3 days before race day?
I am excited...
I am nervous...
I am looking forward to finishing my race...reminder to self to stop and snap a picture at the 41st km point!
I want to finish my race with a smile!
Or does this make a better finishing line smile?

How will I do in this race? I really have no idea. I can only hope to give my very best. And if you want to follow the race live, then check out the live digital telecast on the home page of

Meanwhile, I would really appreciate some good vibes and love:D You can check out more pics in my FB album Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 - Here I come. For more updates: