Kluang Tau Sar Peah

My hometown Kluang has a food gem that is a must visit. As much as the folks in Penang are famous for their tau sar peah, I will have to say that Kluang also has amazing tau sar peah by the folks at Tong Huat Confectionary.

Its honestly difficult to stop at one or two pieces of these tau war peah. What sets it from others is that its made only from mung beans rather than many that now resort to mixing mung beans with soy beans to save cost. Of course, there must be a generous use of shallots for that added flavour and ‘sweetness’. These are the very ingredients that set Tong Huat Confectionary Tau Sar Peah from the other tau sar peah in my hometown or even the ones in Penang.

Each biscuit is a light and crisp skin. The filling is dense with a lovely aroma from the shallots while the mung bean filling is both savoury and sweet.

The is high demand by both the local Kluang folks and visiting tourist. My childhood memories of these awesome biscuits was a weekly visit to pick them up for my afternoon tea snack. Of course these days, these Tong Huat Confectionary are a real treat as I only get to savour them when we make a trip down to Kluang for work appointments or when we pass Kluang on our way down to Singapore and Johor Bahru. Yes…for these lovely tau sar peah, I would happily opt to take a drive instead of flying in for my meetings.

So there you go folks, Kluang isn’t just famous for its original coffee, nasi lemak and toasted bread at the Kluang Railway station. Tong Huat Confectionary Tau Sar Peah is a must have too!

For those who drive down to Mersing before your board your boat to Tioman island…do make a stop in Kluang town for its food gems!
Tong Huat Confectionary
28 Jalan Cantik
86000 Kluang
T: +607 771 4616

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