Spotlight on Spotlight

When I received the bag of goodies above, I tried hard to figure out the rationale of the contents. At a glance, there was something for the whole house and the best of it all, there were many craft items. And that precisely was the whole Spotlight store nicely packed into a bag for me when I was in Gold Coast early this year.

After 40 odd years, Spotlight is still a family owned business today. Folks who studied in Australia will definitely be familiar with Spotlight. These days, Spotlight has its presence across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. And beginning Saturday 12th July 2014, Spotlight will also be in Malaysia with anther 5 more stores to be opened in Malaysia within the next 2 years!

If you are wondering why there are fashion fabrics in Spotlight, its because the Spotlight founders first started their business within a stall at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market in the early 1970’s. Their strong drive and business acumen led them to opening the first Spotlight store in Malvern in September of 1973. 

Walk into any Spotlight store and there is definitely something for each spot of of your home! Here's some of my fave items and moments when I walked into the Spotlight store is Gold Coast earlier this year. 
Fabrics galore. There's so much fabrics to play with for the home and even fashion! Everything under one roof makes it so much easier to walk around both sections and let your imagination run free...and you might just arrive at a master piece to prettify your home!
I love this sequinned piece from the fashion section but as I loo at it...its also a good addition for some bling bling on my cushion covers for the coming festive celebrations!
Materials for dancers too!!!
Happy designs for kids!
More pretty and cute ones...look at them collectively...I think its a good combination for quilting. And if you love quilting then Spotlight is a dream come true with starter kits to even more advance tools as well.
Almost ready made quilt!
Quilting options!
And with fabrics we also will need the accessories and tools to help complete the tasks. Take your pick of threads, buttons, scissors and even sewing machines!
And if you are lazy to sew your own bedsheet, curtains and stuff, then the ready made items for the room are aplenty. Plenty to cater to different budgets and taste.
Absolutely smitten with the kids bed sets!
Its rows and rows of the options to explore. Mix and match can be fun too! In my case, my next project is to stitch my own quilt set so ready made pillow cases and bedsheets will simplify my life while I focus on the quilt.
Take your pick of curtains irregardless of height, width and style.
How many sets of towels does a couple with furkids need? The answer is infinity because I resort to changing my towels every 2 days for hygiene reasons and also because the towels that we use are part of colour therapy to match or ease my mood. At Spotlight, I love the towel options. Its an amazing world of colours, sizes and quality. 
I love spending time in my kitchen and the kitchen ideas made me go gaga. So many pots, pans, baking ware, cake decorations, containers, glasses etc. If I could, I would cart back Spotlight then!
A simple tool that made its way into my kitchen since I love eating eggs.
If you love parties and organise parties often, then Spotlight boasts of an extensive party section. From colour coded party ware, balloons and even costumes! 
Something for weddings too!
An inflatable Batman. Buy your own helium gas tank from Spotlight of they can also inflate Batman for you!
Plenty of ideas and its so much more affordable to buy them on our own at Spotlight than to rely on party organisers who don't quite hit the spot most times...and its so expensive to engage them too!
There's lots of handicraft ideas and things at Spotlight. Its both as appealing to kids and adults alike. I know making my own teddy is definitely next on my game plan!
Its time to make my own teddy. Play around with the fabrics and buttons...yippee!
Crochet and knitting galore with plenty of colourful yarns!
My favourite feature in Spotlight would be this craft space where classes are held. And during my visit, I checked out 2 classes. Absolutely fun...and kinda hilarious too since I have butter fingers. 
A simple quickie craft from my trip to Gold Coast. This is a simple craft and will lead to a very fun hobby of scrapbooking. Starts from a basic photo and a ready assembled pack for this magnet souvenir. Played with some stencils and spray paint for the polka dots...voila...its a nice fridge magnet!
Pretty cupcakes for the afternoon. We get to make them with the many ready made cake decoration tools. Its fun for adults and a great idea for kids too!

There is so much at Spotlight stores that in my case, the visit to the Ashmore store took almost one whole day. The sections are so well planned. Other than helpful staffs, there is also lots of information along the aisle to help us understand our needs better. And of course, I love the bargains that is in stored for their VIP members. The membership is FREE and the special bargains make shopping at Spotlight even more affordable. Its no wonder that Spotlight is regarded by many as one of their favourite stores for affordable prices and attention to quality.
Bargains galore for the whole house!
Shy to ask questions? Then there's lots of these helpful and informative flaps all around the store.

Someone posted on my Instagram that she hopes to be able to visit a Spotlight store soon. Well...wait no more as the first Spotlight store will be opening in Malaysia tomorrow. Yes scrap all your weekend plans and head on to Spotlight's first store in Ampang Point on Saturday 12th July 2014. Remember to sign up on to receive exclusive offers. And if you register now before 31 July 2014, you are also in the running for a trip to Gold Coast, Australia!

I have had a sneak peek at the Spotlight store in Ampang Point. I am glad to announce that its a perfect replica of the Spotlight store that I visited in Australia. Albeit a bit smaller, the product offering is amazing. The staffs are equally well trained and helpful like those I met in Gold Coast. And if you worry about pricing...then fear not...because the folks at Spotlight somehow managed to keep the items reasonably priced. In fact some items are even cheaper than Australia!
Map to Spotlight at Ampang Point.
Floor plan of Spotlight which is on the 2nd floor of Ampang Point - opposite Harvey Norman
Some of the bargains for the grand opening sale. Amazing discounts. So hurry over!!!

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