The Bierhaus @ Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru

Its rather interesting that in the last few months, I have been making trips back to my home state Johor rather often. Discovering more and more gems with each visit. During a visit in June, it was a (big) eye opener for me that pub grub in Johor Bahru isn't quite what I expected it to be. Dinner at The Bierhaus in Taman Sentosa had me totally mesmerized!

No doubt that The Bierhaus bagged the recent HAPA-GAB Excellence Awards 2013-2014 for the Most Innovative Guest Experience award & Best Restaurant award. It also was awarded the bronze awards for Service Excellence and the Best Product Quality. Honestly...I was sceptical that teh award went to an outlet not in Kuala Lumpur. But when I experienced The Bierhaus myself personally, I knew that they definitely worked and earned their awards well! After all, an award isn't just given blindly. A restaurant must fulfil 5 quality attributes:
• Product Quality
• Service Quality
• F&B Innovation
• Operations 
• Ambience

Undoubtedly The Bierhaus fulfilled the above criterias but what worked for me was also the fact that a simple request for water to hydrate myself before I begin my dinner and drinks was promptly attended to. Bravo The Bierhaus! 

The ambience is nice and warm. Love how the music changed throughout the night matching the mood at the restaurant. Not too loud and just perfect to get the mood going while we carry out a decently audible conversation about Johor and everything under the sun...

While I expected the menu to be very pork based, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Beyond the usual pub restaurant grub, there are some very interesting seafood and meat menu on their ala carte offering and their seasonal menu. Enough of yakking's what dinner and happy hours at The Bierhaus in Johor Bahru is all about!
Guinness...yes my beloved nice and chilled Guinness to kick start our dinner.
Toasted Crostini Bread with Pate’ and Assorted Imported Cold Cuts.
Its a whole platter for sharing and its so good that you might just not want to share. It works wonderfully as an appetiser and also a meal on its own that I would have happily eaten it all. Thank fully I double checked the menu because I was in for a major food coma!
Scallops and Prawns wrapped in Bacon with Mayo Tangerine Sauce
I am not a mayonaisse fan but this was a light and refreshing sauce that added a nice zing to the juicy scallops. My personal preference however was still the goodness of the naturally juicy and plump scallops with the saltiness of the bacon wrap. Highly recommended when you dine here or have it with your choice of beer!
Spaghetti with Lobster
Now that's definitely not what I expected. This is from the seasonal menu and was a pleasant surprise. Pasta is al dente without even the need for me to request (more brownie points to Executive Chef Moretto Fabrizio and his team). A luxurious sauce bursting with the rich goodness of lobster and roe.  A must have for lobster and pasta lovers like me. Its so good that I was glad not to share this with anyone at all!  *happy grin*
The Classic Bierhaus Crispy Pork Knuckles
This huge signature platter is strictly for sharing. Made following a traditional German recipe, you will love the crispy cracking skin and juicy meat. Must love the bacon goodness that comes with the knuckle too. Good on its own or with your favourite pint of beer, the beer knuckle rises to a new dimension with a lil dip into the accompanying sauces with my fave being the tangy apple sauce. Mash lovers will love the creamy smooth goodness of mash. 
Grilled Kurobuta Pork Loin with Pan Seared Foie Gras and Port Wine
I posted this dish on Instagram and my tamchiak pals quickly messaged me "Excuse me...this is at The Bierhaus in Johor Bahru. You got to be kidding me!" Hahaha but its really porkiliciously tender Kurobuta pork loin that I am savouring with creamy goodness of foie gras. Decadent combination that is really perfect with my choice of Guinness.
Sizzling Sausage Platter
The typical food to go with beer! But this is on a sizzling plate and it keeps the sausages nice and warm. Perfect to go with cold beer! Adding a touch of crunch and antioxidants are some lovely mushrooms! No room for any reasons for any complains too since these are gourmet pork sausages!
Pan Seared Chilean Sea-Bass with Prawn Crust and Creamy Bisque
It stuns me that The Bierhause has an interesting seafood menu. In a way it does make sense if one recalls happy moments and holidays at the beach with seafood and plenty of beer. Not sure if these were the memories that inspired the seasonal menu but seafood and beer are definitely my holiday memories. A fine piece of flaky sea bass with in a creamy rich bisque and topped with some caviar. Very lux...very delicious...and as much as I was reaching food coma, I could not resist cleaning up my plate. *burp*
Chocolate Lava Cake
I love lava cakes. By now I am in a state of food coma but how could one resist a lava cake? My ritual is to stand and wriggle a little for the dinner to settle down. A rich chocolate molten flows out the moment I cut through the cake. Its hot...ouch ouch...but its delightfully rich. Loved it with some Heineken. Strange as it may sound to you but yes its a brilliant combination of rich sweet chocolate goodness and Heineken. In fact some Strongbow cider might just be as good! Will experiment that on my next trip!

I am smitten with The Bierhaus. The serving portions are reasonable and definitely taste divine. Not something I would have expected from a restaurant cum pub but seriously this is the standard at The Bierhaus in Johor Bahru! And because its been so good, I pretty much ate everything on the full serving you see above on my own except for the sharing platter of appetizers and pork knuckle. A pal dining with me kindly told me "Forget your diet...just eat and be happylah!" and I must say...what diet? Just eat and be merry when you are at The Bierhaus!

The Bierhaus
No. 229 – 229A, Jalan Sutera
Taman Sentosa
80150 Johor Bahru
T: +607 333 3723

Executive Chef Moretto Fabrizio and the folks behind culinary delight The Bierhaus

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