Curvz Café in Silka Cheras

Silka Cheras is the latest addition to the family of Silka Hotels. Smack beside the newly opened Cheras Sentral Mall, a visit to either the mall or the hotel is not complete without visiting the other. And that's precisely what a bunch of us did last week.

It was a lunch gathering amongst the bunch of us travel, running and mummy bloggers at Curvz Café. The menu is simple and not too huge to make choosing your choice dish difficult. Take your pick of Western or Asian including fuss free items to make kids happy.
A very generous serving of Caesar Salad RM14 to start my lunch. Love the housemade croutons stayed crunchy all the way till the end of my meal.
Its Beef Lasagna RM22 for me. A rich and comforting beef mince to go with the cheesy and tomato goodness layer after layer. No complains whatsoever. It was my perfect meal with almost all categories of nutrition in one delicious plate.
Good old fashion bowl of creamy Wild Mushroom Soup RM12 with a lovely bite from the mushroom mix. Would have been really nice to be able to eat this with some garlic toast...perhaps Chef could consider serving it with a slice of toast?
Beef Burger RM26 for the hubster. A rather huge serving with fries and salad.  No complain about the buttered buns that were slightly grilled for that extra taste and texture. The mince meat patty in wrapped with cheese and this in a way ensures that the patty is nice and moist. Very homely in a way and definitely very satisfying.
Cant help but to share the cross section view of the patty. Good right?
Lunch on a Saturday after a long night out calls for a Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich RM22.  While we wished the bread was slightly more than plain whites, the generous filling made up for it. And the yellow bits you see is evidence of a perfect runny egg! 
Something to keep kids happy other than serving them sausages or nuggets would be this option of Fish and Chips RM26. Of course this was actually William's choice for himself. So I reckon Fish and Chips is also for adults too:P
Char Kueh Teow RM20 is always a good option when one can't decide what to have:P Simple and can't go wrong plate of noodles with enough wok hei to shame some shops and of course a generous toss of prawns and chicken. Lulu's hubby and Max loved it!

And because Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day is round the corner, we were given a sneak peek into the special Hi Tea menu that is being planned for 31st August and 16th September from noon to 4pm. Priced at RM55++ per adult with 50% discount for senior citizens 55 years and above and children between the ages of 4 to 12 years, this International spread is pretty good. Items to expect will include popular Western dishes and of course Malaysian delights from different states.
Rojak Pasembor which is also Curvz's signature dish. Love the rich peanut sauce!
Kerabu is a must because we are Malaysians!
This spicy sup ekor berempah is hearty with tender pieces of ox tail. Its so good that Lina's hubster could not resist finishing the bowl. I don't blame him because I wanted to do the same but I was busying myself with another soup.
This gorgeous bowl of Red Snapper Soup kept me entertained well. A rich soup to go with the Red Snapper. Tender pieces of fish went so well with the slightly spicy soup. The fish was definitely fresh because I ate up the eye too:D
Spicy chicken wings that is something that many of us grew up with and its not necessarily the ones from that old white uncle. 
Seafood aglio olio with a generous serving of Tiger prawns and cuttlefish. Purist might roll their eyes but we Malaysians love seafood in our aglio olio!
Can't go wrong with fried rice. That's a quick and delicious meal that many of us grew up with!
A very delightful bowl of rich and thick bubur kacan hijau (mung beans).

And that's just a snippit of the International Hi Tea to come on Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The full works will also include laksa, French pastries and local kuihs. And if you have not made any reservations or plans for those 2 days, Curvz Café in Silka Cheras is highly recommended. Fill your tummy then head on to the mall next door to walk off the calories. Catch a movie if you want to since TGV is there as well.

Some of you would have seen me with a Panda recently. And Mr Panda is my new kiddo. Bought him for RM99++ from Silka Cheras and he comes with 2 complimentary Curvz Cafe International Hi-Tea Buffet Voucher. A good deal indeed!

For those who want a bigger Panda and/or want a getaway within the city, then book yourself into the spanking brand new Silka Cheras. A room for RM168 nett including breakfast for 2, FREE wifi and a chance to win a life size Panda! Alternatively you can also buy a Mama and baby Panda for RM150 nett and get one room FREE. Awesome deals either way. 

For more information:
Silka Cheras
KM10 Jalan Cheras, 
56000 Kuala Lumpur. 
T: +603 9100 1133 
F: +603 9100 3311 

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