Energizer Night Race 2014: race day preps

The Energizer Night Race will take place in Kuala Lumpur city tomorrow (Saturday 9th August 2014). The following are information on preparations, road closure and race route. By now, many of you would have seen the signages that my fellow runner Nick put up on the road closure for tomorrow.

Race route for 5km and 15km:

Road closure:

For those who are running, do make your way to Dataran Merdeka early. There are lots of entertainment in stored from 5pm. Do come in early too so that you can collect your headlamps.

For those who opt to drive instead of taking the public transport, then parking spaces are as follows.

And if this is your very first run (like my hubster) then the following tips that the organisers shared will be of good help:
• Routine is your friend – Now’s not the time to try out new things like shoes, drinks and food. Stick with what you’re familiar with and you’ll be fine.
• Rest your feet – Your feet are going to be seeing some intense action. Don’t over overwork them. House chores and shopping can always wait another day.
• Eat sensibly – Cancel your buffet plans. If you’re storing up on carbs, do it in small increments. Your stomach will thank you for it later.
• Prep your gear – Put out your clothes and fasten on your bib before bed. You don’t want to show up without it!

Its going to be a crowd of people running and shining bright. Enjoy the scenic route of Kuala Lumpur. Do say hello too if you spot me and my hubster who will running our very first run together to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary:D

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