Fishy and Jazz Night Out @ Mediteca

Another visit to Mediteca @ Fraser Place last month. The first was because we have a love affair with their porky dishes. The second was because a night of jazz and something from the sea is always a good idea...a better idea when we throw in some bubblies!

We arrived nice and early as watched the skies turn dark while the lights come out gradually in Mediteca. It does wonders to the body as we unwind after a long day at work. Of course since we were early, we caught the band Douche Manouche setting up for the night. Sound check and all, I was certain that it was going to be an awesome night out with the hubster and Anna.

A refreshing bubbly to kick start the evening. 

No harm indulging in a little porky goodness. But its just going to be a little so that we can have some deep sea fun.

By now, Douche Manouche begin their acts. Its smooth and hot jazz. The ones that make you want to get up and groove along with them. The boys will be performing again on 28th August 2014 so be sure to have your fix of jazz at Mediteca then over a good dinner.

Its a dinner from the sea this time and its an amazing feat how the team at Mediteca whips out an amazing repertoire similar to how they do it for their porcine menu.
Milk and olive creamed cod fish, warm chick peas and rosemary oil RM16 
Who would have expected creamy chick peas to be so comforting and satisfying when paired with lightly fried cod fish? Its perfect for babies and adults too!
Tuna tartare ‘catalana’ style with olive’s dust and spicy drops RM32
This is definitely the winning dish for me that night. Fresh sushi grade tuna chopped up and plated prettily like a piece of art. Its pretty but its too delicious to be left alone. A lovely mix of sweet, savoury and spicy in each mouthful. Not much chewing needed...these are melt in your mouth tuna. The portion is perfect but I will gladly not share this with anyone...make it all mine!
Roasted beetroot, tomato cherry and fried bread marinate salad with deep fried silver fishes RM30
I think Mediteca whips out beetroot in the most brilliant styles that even non beetroot lovers will love it after one bite. The roasted beetroot is soft and missing its usual earthy taste that it a put off for many folks. Its a refreshing mix with some olive oil and sweet cherry tomatoes. Give it an extra bite with the deep fried silver fishes.
Spaghetti with clams, arthichoke and prawns RM34 
Its hard to avoid carbs when dining at Mediteca and that's because they do it so well. Right Kelly? A delicious mix of juicy and tender clams with naturally sweet prawns to go with the artichokes that are full of antioxidants.
This was an awesome carbo loading dinner leading up to my race at the Gold CoastThankfully the coach allowed a few sips of bubblies on condition that I hydrated properly thereafter!)
 Squid ink risotto with broccoli and crispy cod chips RM32
A pretty and vibrant looking dish despite the black squid ink risotto. Some crunchy broccoli and tender cod chips, its tough to say no to carbs at Mediteca.
 Tuna loin tagliata crusted with aromatic salt, spicy hummus and fennel orange salad  RM62
More tuna goodness with this beautifully sliced tuna steak that is brought to new height with the zesty tinge of fennel and salty crust.  
Beautifully pink and tender. 
Pan seared cod medallion with eggplant and vegetables ‘caponata’ herbs saffron butter sauce RM68
Cods are naturally rich and creamy. This preparation heightens the richness of this beautifully fish with an addictive butter sauce that makes you ensure that every bite of the cod (and vegetables) are coated throughly before one pops it into the mouth.

Good food and good music its the ultimate food coma. One can opt to head straight home for the bed or end the night with some coffee and dessert while Douche Manouche play on. Dance away if you want too:P
I walked around a little and snapped a few pics of diners enjoying their night at Mediteca. 
Coffee is pretty much a must when we visit Mediteca. No flamboyant coffee art but just a good cuppa made from the heart.
Chocolate and passion fruit gateau RM14
No matter how full, there is always room for dessert. A lovely combination of rich creamy chocolate with a touch of zing from the passion fruit infused into the gateau. 

I now you have read and probably experience only the porcine goodness at Mediteca. Now is the time to check them out for their seafood menu and of course pop by during their jazz nights too.  

Lot 163, Fraser Place
Jalan Perak
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2181 2426
Monday-Saturday: 11.30am till late
Sunday: 5pm till late

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