Hakata Tsukumen @ Ippudo Ramen

Its summer in Japan now. Ippudo Ramen brings a taste and feel of Japan to us in Kuala Lumpur with a summer must have tsukumen. A delightful soupy noodle dish that works wonders to fill the tummy yet doesn't make one sweat in bucket in the sweltering summer heat.

Tsukumen is served in 2 bowls - one for the noodles and the second bow being the soup. Its often quite an amusing session to observe. You do not pour the soup into the noodles or vice versa.  The art of eating tsukumen is to grab the noodles which are cold with your chopstick and dip it into the hot soup before slurping it up. And when you finish your noodles, add hot water to the remaining soup and drink it.
The art of eating tsukumen should clear the air why the soup is salty or the noodles are cold.

Ippudo's Hakata Ramen RM26 comes in 2 bowls. The first bowl is a bowl of cold noodles with tender slices of pork and half an egg. The second bowl is a bowl of comforting hot soup. Its definitely a refreshing meal that is a lovely balance of flavours and textures. Absolutely loved the cold springy noodles with a coat of the thick savoury soup. No complains whatsoever on the perfectly runny egg and the mouth watering charsiu.

The soup is thick and easily coats the ramen with just a quick dip in the soup.

And if you are in Ippudo, do also check out some of the sushi that has been added to the menu. The sushi are fusion in their own way but its a delightful play of ingredients that works out well. The following sushis are priced at RM15 with 4 slices in one serving.
Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll
A lovely mouthful of creamy avocado and 'fatty' salmon topped with crunchy bacon.
Unagi Cheese Roll
Unagi is very much a summer food and believed to be able to reduce the body's heatiness. A nice creamy sushi with cheese, unagi and good fats from the crunchy sesame.
Spicy Tuna Roll
My favourite of the 3 with a mild creamy spicy touch to this otherwise only savoury sushi. Its rathe addictive and even though I am not a mayo fan, it had me wanting another piece.

The Hakata Tsukumen promotion will be held until 30 September 2014. The sushi and Hakata Tsukumen are a lovely addition to Ippudo's menu. Its available at all 3 branches, so head on over for a feel of summer in Japan.

• Hakata IPPUDO @ Pavillion KL
Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +603 2110 6233
• Hakata IPPUDO @ The Gardens Mall
Lot-T218, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +603 2201 6238
• Hakata IPPUDO @ BSC
Lot G110 Ground Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Jalan Maarof,
59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +603 2011 6238

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