Mediteca @ Fraser Place

Mediteca at Fraser Place is one of our fave Italian and Mediteranean Restaurants. Honestly, its always been for its porky goodness. Last month, we made 2 visits to Mediteca of which I will be splitting our visits into 2 posts. Each visit has been memorable in every good sense. The first will be a porkilicious one.

Its a new menu per se and this time around we note that the dishes more playful. Love the way the chefs revamped the menu and made healthy eating rather delicious too! I must say that the menu we tried out has a lot more carbs and its just what I needed too to fuel my longer training sessions these days.

No meal is complete without some bubblies. It doesn't matter if its a meal for one or two or even with your pals, its always a good time for a Prosecco. This bottle of Sanfeletto Conegliano Prosecco is one of those that I won't mind having it all day long with hints of peaches.

No one stays hungry for long at Mediteca. While waiting for our orders, freshly baked breads are placed before us. Go easy on these delicious breads because you need lots of room for Mediteca's new menu!

Pan Con Tomate Y Serano RM24 is the first to arrive and its also because its the quickest to be assembled. Toasted bread topped with Serrano ham, chopped tomatoes and dehydrated tomato skin. A perfect serving of carbs, protein and fibre.

I love a good salad with all of my meals. And before you say salad is boring...check out the Beetroot Salad RM26. Its a hearty toss of baked beetroot, baby spinach, tomato, leek and Chorizo. Its pretty much a meal of its own. For those who hate beetroot, this is one preparation that you may just be unable to resist.
I don't really fancy fried food but I will have to make it an exception for the 2 items that we had at Mediteca. Arancini RM12 are little rice balls mixed with mozarella and ham. Deep fried with a crispy skin and a rich creamy filling.

Creamy little parcels

Another piece of delightful fried number is the Croquette RM12. Fluffy potatoes, garlic and spinach made into petite croquette and topped sundried tomato paste for a refreshing touch to this slightly cheesy bite.

The Crostone RM22 is another piece of balance dish of mushroom, porchetta and cheese on a lightly toasted bread. The smell is intriguing and irresistible with the earthiness of the mushrooms with cheese. The porschetta seals the deal...Can we have another serving please?

We move on to the serious works of pastas and meats. And if you love to pair your wine with your mains, Mediteca has a whole lot of selection to go with your taste and budget. We had both the red and white and my preference was more for the Santa Carolina Gran Vino Branco. Easy to drink with a balanced acidity and aromatic citrus fruits.

I love pasta and have no complains if served pasta everyday. This review at Mediteca is a good one with 3 awesome pasta dishes! Pasta Fruitti di Mare RM36 is highly recommended. Its a hearty "fregola" pasta baked with seafood and a tomato based "cartoccio" style. There is something very comforting with the use of fregola which resembles plump beads. Made of semolina, it has a nice chewy bite to it. The natural sweetness of squid, clams and prawns makes it even more delectable.

Maccheroni RM26 looks like a simple baked dish. Looks can be deceiving because this is a very rich and filling dish of cheese, breadcrumbs, walnuts and parsley. I love how the top remains crunchy and the filling is delightfully creamy with every spoonful.  A lil like macaroni and cheese but much much better!

Risottos are always good. When cooked with pork, it gets even better. Mediteca presents Risotto Milano RM29. Its a pretty dish that you do not stop at the first spoon. Its an inviting serving of risotto cooked with saffron and a generous serving of seared pork sausages. Each bite is rich, cheesy and comforting that this made it to my list for carbo loading before my #GCAM14 run. 

And if you fear carbs (seriously there is no reason not love carbs), then the be a happy carnivore at Mediteca. Moroccan RM68 is an exquisite plate of lamb rump with stuffed capsicum. Do not wrinkle your face at the thoughts of capsicum because its a beautiful rendition without the strong offensive smell that many anti-capsicum folks cringe. Of course coupled with the tender and juicy lamb, this is a red meat dish rich in protein, iron and lots of antioxidants. 

The Seared Beef Entrecote RM68 is not your usual steak with sauce. A generous piece of steak seared to perfection with juicy pink insides is really good on its own. Topped with slices of goat cheese and crushed pumpkin elevates this steak to a different dimension...umami if I may say so!

You just have to love this pink centre that spells JUICY and TENDER.

No meal is complete without dessert...especially when dining in Mediteca. My obvious favourite would be the Mille Foglie RM14. Crispy and delicate mille foglie remains crispy till the last bite. A filling of luxurious lime custard and glazed pineapple with lil slices of grapes is a lovely and refreshing end to dinner.

And if you opt for something richer and dense, then the Apple Tart RM14 is a good choice. The pastry is delightfully rich and buttery. Perfect with the sweet and fragrant apple filling. A touch of vanilla custard for that added touch of luxury. Do enjoy this with a cup of coffee...its perfect pairing and might just be the solution from falling asleep at Mediteca after a hearty and filling meal:P

Mediteca...its more than just porky and oinky dishes. This is certainly a good job by Chef Riccardo Ferrarott, Chef Allesandro and the team. Stay tuned for the next post on more yummy goodness from this Mediteranean and Italian gem in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Mediteca is now opened on Sunday evenings. During happy hours from 5pm to 8pm, savour your choice of Mediteca’s Italian cocktails and enjoy a delicious spread of tapas and snacks from their counter with no additional charges!

Lot 163, Fraser Place
Jalan Perak
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2181 2426
Monday-Saturday: 11.30am till late
Sunday: 5pm till late

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