Another gem in Damansara Heights for us will have to be Mezze. A charming bar, bistro and lounge under one roof. I wouldn't call food fusion but its a delightful selection of Italian, French, Greek and even Sri Lankan and Vietnamese! And another reason to love Mezze would be is friendly team of waiters and Chef Yves. Oh...let's not forget its selection of wines as well!

Happy hours and dinner for us a couple of days back at Mezze was a delightful one. It was nice to walk in to a warm ambiance. Love the play of lighting and space with the use of mirrors and warm lighting. It was rather bright outside since we went in straight after work but once we stepped in, it felt almost like we were at home and totally relaxed. Needless to say such ambiance played a big role in us enjoying our night out even more.

Freshly back from France, Ling suggested that I kicked off the evening with a nicely chilled Kronenbourg Blanc with a slice of lemon. A lovely suggestion and as the night went on, Sebastien the in house Sommelier helped paired our dishes with some wine as well. And if you fancy something non alcoholic the there's always teas, coffee and juices as well.

I heard a lot about the beef noodles RM26.90 at Mezze. Its not quite your Vietnamese Pho but neither is it your Chinese beef noodles. Its a bit of both but made better and more hearty. Its a delicious bowl of broth with tender pieces of sliced raw beef. And with oxtail added in as well, this dish is hearty, robust and almost stew like without being overly thick. So good that we finished up everything including the soup!
With condiments like basil and bean sprouts it did feel Vietnamese

Can't go by a day without my fruits or vegies. Mezze House Salad RM16 makes the best of both worlds. A platter of mixed baby rockets, plump cherry tomatoes, grilled vegies and sweet pomegranate. A toss with pomegrante mollases and olive oil makes this a delicious power packed meal. 
Crunchy and refreshing goodness.

I started the evening with a glass of Kronenbourg and the Trio of Sausage Platter RM29. The selection varies each week and will include the sausage of the week which is made in house. I am generally contented to eat sausage as they are without any dippings. The house made smoky ketchup proved to be irresistible!
Spicy chorizo, house made lemon fennel pork sausage and chicken cheese sausage. Topped with some baby rockets because it looks prettier and is a healthier meal too!

More meat goodness and the 3 pieces of succulent Lamb Cutlet RM82 turned out to be the clear favourite for both the hubster and I.  3 chunky pieces of lamb cutlet were tender and juicy. Each bite was a delicious and tender bite of pink chargrilled meat. The marinade of corainder, mint and honey makes it so appetizing that we couldn't avoid using our hands to make sure we bit of all the meat and licked the bone clean! I have never been a fan of cous cous per se but the cous cous salad with a nice bite of pine nuts and smoked aubergine puree made it so comfortingly good. Yeah...I ate them all and will definitely be returning for this dish (which would be priced approximately RM58 if I make my bookings through

Finger licking good so go ahead and use your fingers!

Mezze has a good selection of tapas. Servings are perfect for sharing or even good enough for one as a meal on its own. My cravings for spicy food was still running mad when we dined at Mezze. Naturally, the Vongole Chilli RM22 was a perfect dish. A generous serving of clams in a delightful spicy tomato sauce that went well with the buttered chargrilled toast that went really well with the sauce.

No way would I complete my meal without any dessert our choice of Chef Yves' luxurious Chocolate Royale Cake RM18 was fabulous. So good that a second slice wasn't sinful:P
Decadent Valrhona chocolate cake with a lovely crunchy, a hazelnut base and a rich chocolate glaze with a nice festive feel to it:D

The menu at Mezze is not overly extensive yet one can easily be at a lost of what to order because the dishes are really good. On my next visit...I need to bring a few more pals so we can go through its entire menu especially the meats and pastas! For those who love discounts, then head on to to make your reservations like I did so that you can enjoy between 20% to 30% discounts at Mezze. 

Mezze Bistro, Bar and Lounge
132 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2095 0122

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This is a special Sri Lankan dish known as Lamprise or Lamprais. The rice is a special variant known as Samba and is cooked in a special broth with an assortment of spices including cardamom, cinnamon, and lemongrass. Its served with an option of beef or chicken curry together with an assortment of condiments.
Mezze prepares this dish from time to time on selected weekends and it sells out really quick. They are cooking it again on Saturday 30th August 2014. So do make your reservations for this delicious bundle wrapped in banana leaf.