Its another date out with the husbter over the week before we began a 72 hours of work marathon (with 2 hours of sleep a day). So some proper soul food was needed and what best than to head into Morganfield's for some good old fashioned pork ribs? 

And as such, we opted for something refreshing and alcohol free. Though honestly nothing beats a nice pint of beer to go down with some ribs but heck work beckons so we were honestly rather happy with my Virgin Apple Mojito RM14.90 and the hubster's Begonia RM12.90.
I love a good mojito anytime even if its alcohol free. A lovely concoction with just the right balance of fresh apples, lime chunks, mint leaves and sugar with soda making this one of the better virgin mojitos in town.  If you like something sweeter then the Begonia with kiwi, strawberries and lime will be a good bet.

We're all ready to dig into our ribs that arrive quite quickly...good thing with prompt service because I was actually quite famished after I touched down from the airport. Aprons are given because one can get messy while attacking the ribs. Nicely marinated and cooked to perfection ribs render a use of your hands to hold on while you nibble and lick of every ounce of goodness attached to each bone a MUST. No need to be shy because just about everyone ends up doing it at Morganfield's.

2 options for us and each serving is quite a meal of its own if you are a small eater. Eat your vegies and when its served in a creamy coleslaw style, that's pretty easy for most folks.
Hickory BBQ Spare (Half Slab) RM39.90
Nicely marinated and slow cooked making it totally tender with a nice rich hickory smokiness to it...this was the hubster's obvious favourite. Its layers and layers of Hickory Sauce that basted during cooking so its definitely lots of flavour from the skin till the bones. A nice pairing with the french fries that is part of this platter.
Jack Daniels Glazed Iberico Baby BackRM49.90
This award winning Morganfield's own recipe is my regular favourite. Its flavourful but not as strong as the Hickory Smoke. And since its Iberico Baby Back, its definitely more tender than the usual. The menu says it "will surely get you begging for more" and I must say its true. I will happil have another serving of this anytime! Served with some definitely good crispy onion rings...heck this is one good comfort food before spending 3 straight days in the work studio.
You got to admit these onion rings are begging to be eaten immediately!

A simple meal for 2 with just 2 plates and 2 drinks but its definitely a darn hearty one! Not too much carbs to make us go sleepy at work. Brilliant! Now this meal is also another meal made better with Offpeak. Headed in before the usual dining crowd and it was 20% off our orders! And now things even get better that the folks at Offpeak are giving away up to RM50 cash back on our food bill for the first 100 eligible winners. Simple mechanics. Book our meal9s) via Offpeak, eat, snap a picture of the receipt and email it to Contest ends 8 September 2014, so hurry on to make your reservations and send in your entries quick! Its simply just eat and is definitely gettin better with Offpeak! For more information on this contest:

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