My Velvet Smooth Feet

I hate having those thick or dry cracked skin under my feet. It looks hideous and can get uncomfortable too especially when you are decked in high heels or have to walk around a lot. it does not help that I spend lots of my time on my feet running and wearing heels (at work)...and now that I have been running quite a bit barefoot in between my runs in shoes, its only natural that the skin at my soles turn dry. However, its not natural for them to be dry and hideous. 

The solution to avoid those hideous calluses and all is to head into the salon for a pedicure which is always fun, good and a pretty experience. However a pedicure at salons doesn't come cheap. So I do resort to home therapy with a pumice stone.

A new tool that came in handy to remove the unsightly skin by Scholl.  The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi comes in nice and handy for a smoother and quicker job of filing the dead skin off. Its battery operated and can fit easily into our toiletries pouch even when travelling.
Priced at RM129.90 (check out the discount code below for my readers)
Powered by 4 AA sized batteries

This hand held electronic filer does a quick and efficient job of filing away the dry skin from anywhere of your feet. Since I run barefoot, I noted that the thick cracked skin has developed a tad more under the balls and heels of my feet. While manual filing and application of creams work to an extend, I yearned for something smoother (wearing shoes to run is an option but I also have my reasons for being a minimalist some days so barefoot running will go on). This Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is definitely a different feel from a manual file with a pumice stone. The high speed rotation of the microlumina roller does a smooth job of quickly filing away the dry skin at the spots that it rolls over.

There is no discomfort whatsoever as its really quite a gentle buff and you control the areas that you want to file. And with any pedicure session, I reap the best by using it after I have had a shower when the skin is softer. Of course, you shuld always dry your skin properly with a towel before using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. And once you are done, slap on your favourite foot cream or moisturizer to keep the new skin nice and soft.
Hand held and its ergonomically designed for ease of use whether one is a left or right hander.
Rolling away ugly cracked skin in mere seconds

I really love this Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. Its heck a lot cheaper and more convenient than heading in to the salon. It also does such a good job of filing off those skin within seconds. And its entirely optional next whether I want to paint my nails thereafter or to opt for a natural look.
I love pink toe nails but its something that I can only spot when I am not in a training mode. But what is important whether my nails are coloured or otherwise is to have a smooth feet for beauty and hygiene reasons.

For those who prefer a pedicure regime at home or need an emergency foot filer in case the salon is out of reach, this Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is a good and handy beauty must have at home. Priced at RM129.90 its available at most pharmacies. A refill is also available when the micralamina roller wears off but in all honesty, it will actually last you for many months!

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