categories was launched some hours ago. Its definitely good news for foodies to make the best of meals with discounts. Perfect when one can save and enjoy a good meal.

In a gist, I gather that: is offering discounts on meals NOT coupon buys!  The discounts are up to 40% discounts off. And the best part of the discounts is that they are available throughout the day 7 days a week!
• There's 60 participating restaurants now and I believe the list is growing. 
• There are days that we can't seem to call through a restaurant because the line is busy or its at an unearthly hour that the place is close. With, you can make the reservation via anytime.
• The search function is nice and easy to use. In terms of usability, its definitely one of the more user friendly ones.
• Reservations seem easy enough via the website. Hopefully a mobile app will be out soon!
• The best feature of has to be how one can click on the address of the restaurant that we want and it will link us to our choice of mobile navigation. In my case its Waze.

• And is FREE for diners. No booking fee etc! Savings can go towards more dining pleasure! Yippee!

And what's my first booking through Its obviously Black Market since I have been having some major cravings for their Jamon ham. Maybe head in to Brotzeit for more porky goodness, Mezze for their famous beef noodles, Eyuzu for some Japanese, Espresso Lab for my caffeine fix... and maybe check out places that I have not revisited for a long time like F Concept by Buffalo or even Mezza9. Yummeh...eating gets more affordable thanx to
And yes, dinner tonight is of course through OffPeak...stay tuned to my Instagram channel and you will know where I am having my dinner at!

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