Cities of the World

Whether we are looking at exploring through new places through tours, runs or even clubbing, its always good fun to explore new places. Love the Heineken ‘Cities of the World,’ campaign with its limited Cities edition bottles which includes New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Kuala Lumpur. Must say they are really gorgeous!

Kuala Lumpur is obviously my backyard but heck I am sure there are many corners that I have yet to explore. And an opportunity to explore any of the above cities will definitely be awesome not because there are some marathons there that I am aiming at but its always nice to explore somewhere else...right? Many food spots too to check out too! And even in our home ground of Kuala Lumpur, there's always new friends to make too!
Catch up with Yukiko
Partners in crime Jessie and A

Back to Heineken Cities of the World limited edition bottles... go grab your bottle of limited edition Cities Heineken bottles. Check out the caps and a unique code found under the cap of each limited-edition bottle might just win you a worldly adventures in New York and a host of other prizes too! Hurry because the campaign ends on 15 September 2014!
For more information on the ‘Open Your City’ social compass, and the Heineken’s Cities edition bottles, be sure to check out

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