El Corazón @ La Bodega

I love my Sundays. Last Sunday was another perfect Sunday with a nice morning run and a bubbly brunch El Corazón with a bunch of fun friends at La Bodega, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Its free flow of bubblies including canapes from 12pm to 4pm for RM60++. Definitely the most affordable free flow brunch in town with a different wine theme each month!

For this month, the El Corazón features Tio Pepe Fino Muy Seco sherry that is carefully paired with an assortment of savoury and sweet canapes. While we settled down, our welcome drink was a refreshing Italian aperitif Aperol Soda. A vibrant orange infusion with hints of vanilla making it a very delightful drink to kick start our Sunday brunch. 

If you love Paella, then the ones that La Bodega whips out will definitely thrill you. It thrilled me so much that we ordered extra from the ala carte menu. And if you ever wondered how Paella is cooked, then check out the chef who cooks up a whole big pan of Paella for a lil troop of army. Its a delightful sight and the aromas might just get you ordering more like I did:D

The canapes arrive in 2 different platters.  The savoury was a platter of Paella Valenciana Mixta, Croquetas Bacalao, Calamares Fritos and Pinchos Morunos. Fancy names and equally fancy in your mouth! Each of the canapes are planned to compliment the cocktails for the day or is it the other way round? Either way, its delightful pairing that we are talking about!
Its a pretty platter and the best bet is to start from the calamari that had the hubster going gaga. I reckon in life its all about sharing and to a large extent some giving and taking because the hubster pretty much ate up my share of the calamaris when I turned around for a few seconds!
In my case I started off with the Paella as I was quite famished after a long run. Spanish rice cooked in a comforting chicken broth with tiger prawns, chicken, mussels and clams. The unmistaken colour  and flavours of saffron made this the most memorable dish on the platter for me.
These Cod fish croquettes are really delicious and a comforting memory of my childhood favourite fish fingers. Lightly battered with a crispy crust and when you bite in, you get the most delectable soft cod fish mix. Eaten with the chili mayonnaise for a different dimension.
The desserts come looking pretty. The berries kept me really happy and no one should complain with choices of macarons, chocolate brownie and  creme brulee for a Sunday afternoon.

Its almost like a rainbow of pretty drinks when we look at La Bodega's El Corazón brunch. The food proved to be vibrant and the drinks were equally delightful too. If you can't decide which one toopt for then opt for all...its after all free flow from 12 pm to 4pm. And when you have decided which your fave cocktail is...well you can always have more of it!
From left to right:
Citrus Cup: Orange juice made perfect with lots of oranges, a dash of drambuie and Tio Pepe.
Garden Sprite: A refreshing mix of Tio Pepe, lychee liqueur, strawberries, oranges and mint leaves.
Toffee Apple: Martini built on Tio Pepe, Broker’s Gin, white creme de cacao, freshly muddled apples and brown sugar.
Oceanic: Tropical ocean cocktail of blue curacao, orange juice and Tio Pepe. 
Salmon Roll: Martini of Tio Pepe and Martinin Blanco shaken and double strained into a martini glass and garnished with smoked salmon roll on a stick.

And after going through 5 cocktails, my favourites are the Citrus Orange that proves to be a refreshing choice after a heavy meal and of course deceivingly does look like a glass of orange juice to get mummy's approval! Uniquely different from many other drinks would be the Salmon Roll that reminded me of a Martini with olives except this time it had a slice of salmon in it for that savoury touch. 
Look mum! Its orange juice!
Salmon in a glass?*hic*

And because its Sunday, a glass or more of Cava is always a welcome. And when you have good friends with our, Cava goes a long way and does wonders even if the weather is wet and gloomy. You got to love the folks at La Bodega because each week, there is a special addition thrown in to the El Corazón brunch. And during my visit it was the Noche Y Dia Cava that was the special addition! So last Sunday, its RM60++ for all a plate of savoury canapes, sweet canapes, one Aperol, free flow of the featured wine and Cava too! 

A good morning run, a feast for the tummy and some bubblies with can't take my smile from me!

So head on to La Bodega in BSC for what I would consider to be the most affordable Sunday free flow brunch in town complete with canapes and lots of bubblies. Do enquire with the waiter on the featured wines since La Bodega like keeping things fresh for its diners by featuring new wines and food from time to time.

La Bodega BSC
Ground Floor, G109
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2287 2768

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