Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine

I love clean eating and Japanese is definitely one of the best eat clean options possible. Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine is one of our favourites especially when we are in PJ. This newly renovated restaurant is a must visit for the weekends for its value for money buffets. And weekdays, the ala carte menus are just as good..and its made better with the discounts from that offfers a lovely 30% for ala carte items between 12pm to 2pm.

And if one notes the timing for the discounts, its actually lunch hour! Brilliant spot for lunch meetings in PJ! So off we went, keeping my diet clean and indulging in carbs too since our visit was smack before I flew off to Da Nang for my run. 
Dobinmushi RM28
This is a must for soup lovers and happens to be one of Eyuzu's signature dish. A comforting broth cooked with assorted seafood, chicken and mushroom. Optional with lime but I personally prefer it with a squeeze of lime juice.
Kawaebi Karage RM23
While service is quick at Eyuzu, its always nice to order some nibbles while waiting for the mains. The husbter's all time favourite and terribly addictive deep fried river prawn is so good. Crispy on the outside but still relatively soft inside. Perfect with sake too!
Kaki Motoyaki 2pcs RM38
Love oysters? Then this gratinated oyster is a must. Big plump and juicy oyster that goes perfectly well with the shell licking good gratin of cheese and cream.
Tempura Moriawase RM42
Can't go wrong when one is served with thinly battered seafood and vegetable. 
Mix Mushroom Teppanyaki RM46
One of my fave must have at Japanese restaurant would always be mushroom teppanyaki. Cooked just right and still maintaining a subtle crunch and a glorious buttery sauce.
Mix Seafood Teppanyaki RM123
More teppanyaki goodness with squid, prawns, salmon and scallop. Must say this has to be one of the best squid teppanyaki we had...its tender and not rubbery. Juicy piece of scallop cooked just this point I was tempted to have a large bowl of rice to go with this teppanyaki since its going to be such a waste not to finish up the rich seafood gravy.
Sashimi Take RM198
I will never say no to sashimi. This platter of fresh and thick cuts of sashimi including my all time favourite tuna. And if you love oysters, then you might want to order the fresh oysters served with a citrus soy sauce.
Ebiten Maki RM42 (its a half portion pic here)
Love the play of textures on this maki of deep fried prawns, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe and tempura cracklings. And its certainly not dry at all since there is quite a generous serving of flying fish roe in this maki...a lovely popping savoury goodness in each mouthful.
Eyuzu Maki RM48 (its a half portion pic here)
Another lovely maki with a lovely texture and flavout in every mouthful with tasty deep fried soft shell crab, crunchy cucumber, avocado, mayonnaise, rice and seaweed. The luxurious taste and texture is now from the flying fish roe that is mized with the rice!
Matcha Ice Cream RM13
No meal is complete without dessert. A luxurious green tea ice cream topped with red bean...its so good...I had to deprive my husbter of his portion:D

I missed the Matsutake and Shin Sanma specials that is going on now till October 2014. Reckon the only way is to make my way there soon to check out this seasonal goodness!

Note that the 30% discount from is only for ala carte dishes! So head on there for your lunch real soon if you want to enjoy the 30% discounts. 

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
Petaling Jaya
+603 7665 1111

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