Hands on Fun @ Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

When was the last time you crafted something with your hands and could use use your masterpiece proudly? Can't recall or never did it? Then head in to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre for some good fun that will have you wanting to return for more.

Take your pick of School of Hard Knocks or Foundry classes...or in my case, I took up both classes and had a darn good time with my hands.  With each class, I brought back a souvenir that I could proudly use.

The famed School of Hard Knocks is my first class for the day. Its a rather therapeutic class too if you have lots of frustrations because you will be hitting / knocking the the pewter seriously hard to shape it into a bowl. However the art to really getting it right isn't just brute strength but rather its about precision and consistency. 
Hammers, a pewter disc, an apron and alphabets.
I am ready for the School of Hard Knocks
It might look simple to nail your name in but if you have shaky hands or are impatient like might just end up with a crooked line for your name like I did. The patient hubster certainly did a better job here.
Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock 
 knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
 knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
 knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
 knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
 knock knock knock knock knock
 knock knock knock
 knock knock
And some 20 minutes later...the pewter disk has my name (crooked line) and its now a bowl. truth is I wasn't able to get a smooth surface for my bowl as I was just knocking it everywhere rather than in a systematic manner. This rather smooth one is with the help of the hubster. 
Brought my Royal Selangor pewter bowl home and of course had to use it. The beauty of pewter is that it keeps your hot food hot and your cold food cold for a longer period. Totally loved that for once my fruit bowl remained cold till the very last bite despite me taking 30 minutes to eat.

From the School of Hard Knocks, I cross over for my Foundry Classes. Its a fun class for those who always wanted to make their own accessories or decors. The regular price for the Foundry classes are RM150 per person and you get to bring home your masterpiece that you have moulded and a few pieces of your free hand items too. And for limited time until 19 October 2014, the foundry classes are going for RM150 for 2 persons. Yes...its buy 1 FREE 1 only if you use this code "FOUNDRY MBK" at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre or when you make your Foundry classes reservation via
Very hot pewter molten for you to craft your masterpiece. There's plenty of mould to choose from. And if you are not happy with your work, you can just melt it by gently sliding it into this hot pot. 
Practice makes perfect and after almost 10 tries, I was finally pleased with my key. Hopefully this is the key to the new house that I am eyeing:D
This is the hubster's amazing work. The guy is really creative and patient. The tree is made freehand and patiently while the car is from one of the moulds. Pretty eh?
And another pretty piece that the hubster made was this pendant as a gift for our 13th wedding anniversary. Its really unique and I absolutely appreciate his effort...this certainly beats fancy dinners, handbags, shoes or jewellery. For me nothing beats something that the man patiently crafted. It took him a few tries to get the shape almost perfect....Super happy...supper love it!

Head in to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre in Setapak for some good fun and arty experiences. Its definitely very memorable. Its fun for you to go in alone and craft something for yourself or your loved one or even as a date with your BFF or Darling.
Royal Selangor Visitor Centre
4, Jalan Usahawan 6,
Setapak Jaya,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 4145 6122
GPS Coordinate: 3.196, 101.724

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