Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows

2 days more to the Hennessy Appreciation dinner at Carcosa Seri Negara. Can't help but wonder what Chef James Won and Chef Accursio Craparo will surprise us with the theme "In Good Company". After all, we are looking at 2 chefs who are also good friends.

After meeting the 2 chefs personally during the Hennessy X.O Pairing Workshop, I am curious what these 2 chefs will be surprising us with. Bothe Chefs have rather colourful personalities and that is certainly going to be an exciting dinner.
Chef Patron of Brasserie Enfin, James Won grew up watching how his Grandmother cooked and developed his love for food. And like his great grandfather who was an Imperial Chef in China, its no surprise that Chef Won ditched his degree in Pharmaceutical Science and pharmaceutical business to pursue his love food including enrolling himself in Le Cordon Bleu.
Chef Accursio Craparo is an Italian chef who has a dynamic portfolio with a series of impressive portfolio including working at the “Osteria Enoteca” (A Guida Rossa 1 Star Restaurant) and Joia by Master Chef, Pietro Leemann (1 Stella Michelin). A few more stints and Chef Accursio opened the Restaurant “Gazza Ladra” in the 4 Star Hotel, Palazzo Failla. In less than 3 years Chef Accursio earned his 1st Stella Michelin in 2008.

I am super excited. Check out the following video from the Hennessy XO Pairing Workshop and the 2 chefs. 

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Full set of pictures: Hennessy X.O Pairing Workshop @ Brasserie Enfin. Do head on over to the following channels to stalk me (and show some love too)!