Hennessy X.O Pairing Workshop @ Brasserie Enfin

I had a memorable experience during the Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner in Danga Bay this year. An interactive Hennessy X.O Pairing Workshop was held at Brasserie Enfin, Oasis Ara to build up to the coming Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows in October.

Themed In Good Company, this year’s Appreciation Grows dinner aims to celebrate Maurice Hennessy’s original vision for Hennessy X.O as an exceptional cognac to be shared in the company of family and close friends. And for the first time ever, Hennessy X.O have paired two chefs for the coming dinner. 1-Stella Michelin Chef Accursio Craparo and Chef James Won are both good friends to start with and it will certainly be interesting to see what the talents have up their sleeve in October.

The Hennessy X.O Pairing Workshop is a prelude to the dinner. We are taken on a lovely journey of Hennessy X.O and food starting with technical tasting session of Hennessy X.O. by Brand Ambassador of Moët Hennessy Brands, Chong Wai Keng.
Rich and elegant with in dried fruits and sweet spices like cinnamon. Velvety and lasting notes of sweet vanilla. I like mine neat and slightly warmed with the heat of my hand while the hubster likes his on the rocks. What about you?

The modular tasting workshop by both Chef Accursio and Chef Won was more than just interesting. Both chefs led us through different ingredient from simple and humble cinnamon, delicate tofu and even chocolates. 
Chef Accursio’s theme of  “Contrast Contemporary” featured Asian tofu, Salmon with cream fraiche and Malaysian chocolate with pepper and salt. 
Chef Won’s theme of “Classical Complementary” featured Vietnamese cinnamon,chocolate truffles and pretty bouquets of Mandarin peel with rosemary.

A sniff or a bite where applicable of the ingredients proved to be a delicious exercise. With a sip of Hennessy, we learn how each flavour and taste is enhanced.Its amazing how Hennessy X.O. unveils the different notes and depths of the ingredients.  
“The right pairing with the cognac can accentuate the good flavours of a meal, bringing out certain nuances and flavours. If it is a complementary match, regardless of it coming from conventional or unconventional ingredients, the characteristics of both the cognac and the food will be enhanced,” said Chef Accursio Craparo.
"‘Balance’ is the key word when it comes to perfect food and cognac pairing; it should not overpower each other; in fact, it should complement the key flavour components.” said Chef Won
These pretty bundles of Mandarin peel with rosemary and cinnamon proved to be so popular that many of us took a few home. It was refreshing on it own. A sip of Cognac and the flavours develop to a sweeter note. And if one takes a bite of the peel, its almost umami!
Smitten with a sniff. Enhanced with a sip of Hennessy X.O.

Its been an eye opener...palate teasing and I am definitely looking forward to the coming Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner at Carcosa Seri Negara next month. 

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