Mizuno Wave Run 2014

My first Mizuno Wave Run was in 2012. Fast forward 2 years later, its Mizuno Wave Run 2014 for me. Of course its a longer distance now. Opted for the 16km and similar to 2012, it was another well organised and definitely good event.

It was a good Sunday run with very well manned water stations. Ample drinks and of course when we ended it was a smooth transition into our respective lanes to grab our medals, bananas and drinks. Sponsors such as Milo and Gardenia were also around for runners to refuel. While the lines were long, they certainly moved pretty quickly with my Milo queue being only less than 2 minutes even though there was easily 15 other runners in front of me.

The run held at Precint 3 Putrajaya. While this is definitely not my favourite route since its pretty much too flat for "single gear" runners like me, I was glad to see that there was at least some elevations from the highway ramps. Traffic control was good with the traffic police assisting the marshalls at the traffic lights. 

Took the run as one of my training sessions. Enjoyed the view from some of the scenic bridges, took my time to chat with some fellow runners and completed 16km at 1:38:18. And for those who came in top 10 in their respective categories of 10km and 16km, the sponsors Mizuno and World of Sports have prepared prize money and prizes amounting to RM50,000.
Hmmm my easy run got me a 13th placing...maybe I should consider running it as a race the next time. A prize will be nice for a change other than just finishing medals:P 

And if you have missed this run this year, keep your eyes glued to World of Sports and Mizuno for their Mizuno Wave Run 2015 date.

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