We Ran on our 13th Wedding Anniversary

While I prefer longer runs like marathons (and these days ultras) I do have my fair share of fun and participation in fun runs (anything under 10km). The most memorable thus far would be the Energizer Night Race 2014 that I ran with the hubster. 

Albeit a short 5km rather than my intended 16km, it was still good fun as it was technically our first run ever together and it was to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. No need for fancy dinners or fancy gifts but a mere short run with me was definitely the best gift that I have ever received in my entire life. Call me simple Jane but these are the simple pleasure of life.

The Energizer Night Run 2014 saw a participation of 15,000 runners of all ages and races. Of course this was also a good time for me to play catch up with fellow runners like Marlina and my favourite running family Makiko, Rob and baby Hana. Kudos to another mummy runner who ran with her baby in a stroller and her young son beside her too.  Congras also to my fellow running buddies Joanne, Grace and MunYee on their brilliant runs!
Mun Yee
Mummy and kids ran 5km!
Rob, Makiko and Hana
One of my fave and most inspiring runner Marlina

Another favourite memory of this run would have to be seeing the beautiful scene of runners illuminating Kuala Lumpur with their headlamps. This run went beyond making Kuala Lumpur a pretty city that night but RM200,000 was also raised in case and kind by Energizer with the runners and visitors to Dataran Merdeka on the run night. The money will be put to good used with Energizer building homes for the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia. 

And you can still contribute to this fund from now till 30 September 2014. RM 0.20 from the sales of Energizer Batteries, Lightings and Specialty products at all AEON & AEON BIG retail stores, GIANT stores, TESCO Stores and MYDIN will go towards the initiative of building homes for the Orang Asli.

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Thank you hubster for indulging me in my wish for a wedding anniversary run!