Zen @ Jupiters Gold Coast

Dinner after my Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 was a huge dinner at the award winning Zen at Jupiters Gold Coast where we staying. Reservations is recommended as Zen is popular with both tourists and locals alike.

If you are expecting fusion Chinese, then you are in for a surprise as there are some pretty good authentic Chinese dishes that we are looking at. Take your pick of Cantonese, Szechuan, Peking and even fusion! Service is prompt and I highly recommend that you go easy on the terribly addictive nuts that are served. 

The drinks list at Zen is quite impressive. We had Chinese tea and because I successfully completed my marathon, a champagne was a must.  

The weather was a tad cold that night so soups were a necessity and good idea. Of course a soup would also be good to hydrate and nourish me after a run.  
Seafood soup with chili AUD11 for the hubby. A tad fusion but its a clear seafood broth with just a hint of chili. Seafood is definitely fresh. A nice plump bite of the freshest seafood and I set my eye on the hubster's piece of plump fresh scallop:D
Seafood soup with spinach AUD11. Fusion is a way but it was so comforting and good. A smooth rich seafood broth with scallops, egg and of course spinach. 

One can't deny how fresh seafood can get in Australia. And the best test (as a Chinese) would be order a steam fish. This will be a test of the freshness and of course the kitchen's culinary efficiency. BTW, Zen serves a big selection of live seafood. I like my fishes plain steamed so we opted for the steamed fresh coral trout with spring onions and soya sauce. Its brilliant when the fish comes immediately after the soups as per our request so that our taste buds were still "clear" for us to savour the goodness of the trout. Its steamed just right and best of all arrives piping hot. The meat is firm, smooth and went perfectly well with the tasty soy sauce. 
This fish was approximately 1kg and was devoured by the husbter and I without any effort. Loved the soy sauce that was now extra delicious with the goodness of the fish juices. We could not resist ordering extra bowls of rice to go with this dish.

We noted that a few tables were having the dish of Eye fillet of beef seared with honey and black pepper sauce AUD29. It has to be good when there are so many table ordering it. Its definitely one of the more tender beef that I have had in a Chinese restaurant. Love the slight pepper spiciness that coasted the meat. Perfect with some beer too but I was honestly contented with my champagne:D

The chinese say that prawns are a symbol for happiness. Not sure what got into my head but when we ordered the fried king prawns in shell with egg yolk AUD45, I did mention that I wanted to eat prawns (sounds like laughter "HaHa" in Cantonese) so that I can continue being happy. When the prawns arrived, I was certainly a happy girl. Its a huge plate of golden big prawns evenly coated with egg yolk. Forget the thoughts of cholesterol, this prawn dish is finger licking good. Eat it whole with the crunchy shell too! 

Honestly I was quite full from the dishes above. Didn't order dessert but the friendly waiter told me that because I flew in all the way to run a marathon, Chef felt that it was necessary for me to have more food and it included dessert. A pretty platter of juicy watermelon, strawberries and Zen's famous mango pudding was served.  Its light and a nice refreshing end to our dinner at Zen.

And life gets even better when I am given more chocolates to go with my champagne. Totally spoilt by the folks at Zen. THANK YOU Jupiters Gold Coast and Zen! 

Jupiters Gold Coast
1 Casino Drive
T: +61 7 5592 8100

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