Best Coffee in Hoi An, Vietnam

A road trip after the Da Nang International Marathon in Vietnam was a definite must. Thankfully the rain stopped that we managed to explore a little bit of Hoi An the ancient city. The weather's sunny, a tad hot and making a coffee stop after a walk a necessity.

Since we were at the Central Market, we took the opportunity to check out the Best Coffee in Hoi An. Well at least that's what the lady boss proclaimed to my pals ZhuZhu and Kenny when they were in Hoi An the week before. Its a stall by the river side. No fancy looking decors but it sure is nice and cozy with a good view of the river and the street.

We settled down by the river. Lady boss takes our orders. Basic English since my Vietnamese is only limited to the word cảm ơn (Thank You) but its all fine because our coffees arrive within minutes. Perfect for the hot Hoi An afternoon. Plenty of ice in each glass but we are not dealing with a diluted glass of coffee. Its thick, dense and sweet with bitter nuances of a cup of Robusta. We did have a look at how it was made. Vietnamese drip coffee, condensed milk and coffee syrup resulting in a glass of satisfying coffee as we watched the world pass by. It was certainly a good glass of coffee and I am definitely agreeing with lady boss that her stall has the Best Coffee in Hoi An!

The stall also serves beer, soft drinks, juices and smoothies. Had my first avocado smoothie in Ho Chi Minh City many years back and am totally smitten with the mixture of ice, avocado and condensed milk. Thick, tasty and definitely vey filling!

Its a wonderful experience to just chill over a glass or more coffees. And in between, some locals might just stop by to offer you some tidbits that you can try for "free". Well no harm in trying. I did like the sugared ginger candies. However, its kinda expensive. A lil bag of approximately 100g was close to RM7.

I do not know the name of the stall but hopefully the following information and pics will help you find this Best Coffee in Hoi An stall. As you stroll around the Central Market in Hoi An, the stall is the first stall beside the river and its on your left. Its also along the Bach Dang street and opposite a vibrant yellow corner shop Phòng Khám Lê Ngọc Linh.
GPS: 15°52'33.4"N 108°19'48.3"E
          15.875950, 108.330090

A trip to Hoi An is merely 2:55 away from Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia that flies to Da Nang directly from Kuala Lumpur 4x a week. So plan your next holiday and check out Da Nang and Hoi An. There's more than just running around and stay tuned for more posts!

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