Kafe Vietnam

If you love Vietnamese food and want the real stuff, then head on to Kafe Vietnam for the real fix . Fresh back from Da Nang and honestly missing Ho Chi Minh City too, Kafe Vietnam was the perfect fix for me until I head in again later this year.

And even if you are not hungry for a full meal, you should also visit Kafe Vietnam for their light bites, smoothies and coffee. The coffee is potent and definitely the best Vietnamese coffee in town. Take your pick of noodles, salads, wraps or even sets meals for a few persons. The menu is so varied that I need a few more trips to check out more items than my lil tummy can fit.

Rather new on the menu is Crispy Fried Oysters RM17.90. Its hard to stop on one or just want to go on munching on these lightly battered Korean oysters which are so tender and juicy. A lil squeeze of lime makes it even tastier. 

I love the marinated meat skewers in Da Nang. Kafe Vietnam offers them too. You can opt to be lazy and choose the pre wrapped rolls or order the Wraps and Rolls that you can have fun assembling them yourselves. The Nem Nuong Cuon Banh Trang RM9.90 is a serving of BBQ minced pork served with assorted condiments including young banana and starfruit. Fill each rice wrap with your choice of condiments and finally wrapping it all around a skewer before pulling the skewer stick out gently. Its really good on its own and if you like it spicy then dip it into the accompanying sauce.

Do not over stuff it with the condiments or else you won't get a pretty wrap!

We wanted more fun playing wit our food so its more wrap and rolls for us! Gio Heon Cuon Banh Trang RM15.90. Do not be deceived by a seemingly small serving because it is really a generous serving of boneless sliced pork knuckles. Again the same rule applies, wet the rice paper slightly and fill it with your choice condiments and the pork slices. Roll it and pop it into your mouth! The tricky part is to pop the whole wrap into your mouth! Quite possible for the hubster...not me...I still need 3 mouthfuls to finish off each wrap.

rất ngon (very delicious) 

There's plenty of noodles to choose from. And thankfully there is no papaya in the pho! In case you are wondering, certain regions in Vietnam serve pho with sliced young papaya...a misadventure of sorts for me during my recent trip to Vietnam as I am allergic to papain.

Pho Bo Dac Biet RM16.90 is your bowl licking good of pho in supreme beef soup. Throw in the usual condiments of basil, lettuce and bean sprouts. A lovely crunch to accompany the tender slices of beef and rich broth! Its seriously good that I had to slurp the last bits of soup from the bowl! I will say rất ngon again!

And if you want something fiery then Bun Bo Hue RM14.90 is recommended. Do inform them that you want it spicy like how the Vietnamese have it. Generous toppings of Hue sliced beef, ham and noodles in a bowl of piping hot and spicy soup. The husbter loved it as it is but I needed more kick so I added additional spicy peppercorn:D

Its not spicy like you would breathe fire but more like a lil numbing spicy. Delicious and the vegies does work wonders in case your mouth is on fire:P

And coffee is so good that I could not stop at one cup even though it was night. Take your pick of hot or cold coffee drips and be assured that they both taste just as good. The Cafe Sua Da RM7.90 (iced drip) is similar to the Cafe Sua Nong RM7.90 (hot dripped coffee) except you add your desired amount of ice to the coffee when the drip is completed. Cafe Nong RM6.90 is your option if you prefer black coffee.

And if you need something light to cool or cold to ease off your possible food coma at Kafe Vietnam, the iced Vietname tea RM0.90 is a good remedy. Equally good option will be the Iced Lemongrass tea RM6.90. 

2 stomachs and one extensive authentic Vietnamese menu means we need to return soon to check out more items including their famed ice blended drinks. I heard that the ciku ice blended is a must try! Savoury must haves include banh mi, hot pots, rice dishes with stewed pork belly, grilled seafood and of course more wraps and rolls!

Another reason to return to Kafe Vietnam is because they will be starting their retail corner soon and that includes their famed Vietnamese coffee!

Kafe Vietnam
1 Jalan Puteri 4/1
Bandar Puteri Puchong
T: +6012 301 5928
# Closed Wednesday and Thursday every two weeks. Kafe Vietnam is closed today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday 1st - 2nd October 2014)

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