Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night

Experienced my first glamping thanx to the folks at Kirin Ichiban who organised Malaysia’s first Glamping Night 2014. Its an evening of fun with guests indulging in a unique experience of camping, Japan and lots of good fun.

It kicks off with a lovely invitation card that we did some origami works at home. As soon as we arrived at the venue, its a series of Japanese inspired activities that awaits us. Its a mini challenge whereby we complete our task before we are in the running for a super prize of a trip to Japan for two. The tasks at hand were super fun and one of the task at hand also requires us to have a delicious bento meal.
Painted my very first lantern. I certainly wouldn't mind trying my hands on this fun activity again.
Not too shabby work...and my master piece hung along with the other lanterns to enhance the Japanese mood at our glamping site.
Another task was to silkscreen our own bags! Not quite an easy task as one has to be strong and consistent in the pressure we applied. The hubster did a good job because he has done plenty of it during his school days at MIA.
Grab a bento box and fill it up with all your favourite food. And that's definitely a delicious task that I have no complain whatsoever.

Completed my task and I continued the night with a good bunch of sporting pals. It was lots of fun with the well selected entertainment. Needless to say I think the bunch of us certainly made lots of noise too during the entertainment. We sung and dance. Hey its glamping! No point sitting down pretty...its all about getting on our feet and enjoy the evening with a free flow of nicely chilled Kirin beer and keep our toes, eyes, fingers crossed that one of us would walk home with price of a 5 days 3 nights trip to Japan!

Well someone went home with the Grand Prize and it wasn't the bunch of us noisy rascals:D Congras Clione Sia. Do enjoy your 5 days 3 nights trip to Japan. Kirin Ichiban aims to bring the best of Japan’s experiences to consumers. For your chance to  to win a trip to Japan that includes an exclusive tour of the Kirin Brewery and annual Chichibu festival you have until mid November 2014 to purchase any Kirin Ichiban from on-trade establishments and off-trade stores (supermarkets and convenience stores), receive a scratch card for your opportunity to win a prize of a lifetime! Good luck folks!

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PS: In case you are wondering why aren't we dressed in the usual camping gears...for Glamping, its all about glamour and camping. We get to dress up in dresses and of course wear comfy shoes:D I had a black dress and Converse sneakers. Hehehe.