Bio Oil, I Am A Girl, Lipidol, review, skincare
Do you love to to shower? In our hot climate, showering is one good way to stay cool. Of course, showering is all about proper hygiene too. Sadly, one of the down side of showering is that more often than not is that we end up drying our skin by using harsh soaps or shower foams. 

Coming to the rescue of dry skin is Lipidol. Lipidol is a new skincare range by the same people that brought you Bio Oil, Justin and David Letschert. This full range of skincare is oil based and well will to moisturise our skin.

Some might question if Lipidol will make your skin oily or not wash properly. Lipidol products are made of oil and developed to gently cleanse your skin by removing everyday dirt or makeup while retaining the skin’s natural oily layer.

There are 6 products in the range. Each is priced at RM24.90 and can be purchased at Guardian Pharmacy. 2 products for cleansing - Cleansing Face Oil and Cleansing Body Oil. 4 products to help moisturise - SPF 20 Sunscreen Oil, After Shave Oil, After Shower Oil and Overnight Face Oil.
Bio Oil, I Am A Girl, Lipidol, review, skincare

I had the opportunity to enjoy 2 products. I personally love the clean pine / lime scented Cleansing Body Oil. It did take a bit of getting used that this product did not foam up like my other shower wash. However it did do a good job cleaning me up and left the skin with a light film of protection. The down side to this product is that its not quite user friendly as one will have to leave the product uncovered after pouring it into one palm unless you have 2 spare hands to hold the the bottle and to screw the cap tight. I wonder if a pump is practical and possible for its packaging?
Bio Oil, I Am A Girl, Lipidol, review, skincare

To give my skin additional protection especially at my “crocodile skin” legs and eczema probed hot spots, I love the slightly almond smelling After Shower Oil. Contrary to it being an oil, its rapidly absorbed without leaving my bed sheet or clothing’s oily.
Bio Oil, I Am A Girl, Lipidol, review, skincare

Lipidol is oil based but its definitely not oily axone would expect. Highly recommended if you have dry and irritable skin. Grab yours at Guardian Pharmacy at RM24.90 each.

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