MIGF 2014: Nook

Its Nook's second time participating in MIGF. And once again, Nook impresses with a daring and playful menu. Its definitely Malaysian cuisine with a modern twist.

From the Sea
Marinated Sea Conch, Octopus and Sea Urchin Roe in Coconut Kerabu with Fiddlehead Fern
Familiar and aromatic kerabu made more exquisite with sea urchin and a very delicious firm sea conch. Loved the crunch ferns (pucuk paku) and even though I am not much of fan of desiccated coconut, I happily ate every bit of it including the dried shrimp and coconut "island".
W XYZ Mojito
As usual, the cocktails in Aloft are not for the faint hearted.

Back in Black
Chicken noodle soup
Its playful. Its fun. Its also definitely delicious. Chicken puree in a syringe which turns noodle like when it touches the comforting chicken broth. 

King of Fish
Cod Fish Assam Pedas served with Garlic Rice, Salted Egg and Tempura Egg Plant
This is not your usual assam pedas. Luxurious touch with cod fish. Nice and flaky and the natural sweetness and creaminess of cod goes superbly with spicy gravy. I love garlic fried rice as a general rule so my lil complain is perhaps the rice serving was too small. 

Miguel Torres Santa Digna Chardonnay Reserve

In Between
Lemon Grass, Lime, Pandan Sherbet
A refreshing sorbet hitting just the right notes of sweetness and refreshing lemon grass with lime. 

12 hours Sous-Vide
Sambal Beef Tongue and Tendon served with Percik Sauce and Achar Crudite
Absolutely loved this dish and its definitely my favourite for the night. Tender bites of tongue slow cooked for 12 hours before its cooked with the sambal. Its seriously eating something close to tender bites of rendang and at this stage, I seriously was tempted to ask for some white rice to make this a complete meal wit the delightful achar. Even teh husbter who is not into tendor and tongue or for that matter anything that is offal happily ate everything up even though he knew he was eating tongue! Brilliant job Executive Sous Chef Rozaiman! 
~Miguel Torres Santa Digna Carmenere Reserve~

Sweet, Salty, Sexy
Nook Cendol
Pandan Rice Flour Jelly, Ba' kelalan Salt, Palm Sugar, Ice, Red Bean and Glutinous Rice
A simple cendol gets fun and funky. More syringes to play with and because its fun, I ended up using all the coconut milk and palm sugar in my dessert. Sweet times! One can also opt for Sour Boy which is a refreshing and zesty drink of sour plum but cendol was just too fun not to be chosen!

Coffee, Tea or ABK
Why opt for tea or coffee when you get to play some more with ABK? Pour your own milk and syrup over coffee cubes. Its light and definitely will not make you stay awake. 

The featured 6 course menu above with wines and cocktail is priced at MYR250nett per person
• 6 course meals @ RM188nett per person. 
• 3 Course tasting menu at MYR98nett per person.
• 3 Course tasting menu pairing with wine and cocktail at MYR130nett per person

Level 1, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.972 E 101 41.162
T: +603 2723 1154

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PS: Pics taken with Samsung NX3000 and NX30 without any additional lighting assistance. Loving them both and being Day 1 at using it, I was still trying to get used to the settings but over all, I will say that I have been happy with the results.