Sri Lanka Cuisine @ PGH

Fire up the tastebuds with something spicy. perfect in view of the current rather wet spell. For a refreshing change, try it the Sri Lankan way for you to eat it with loads of steaming rice or even eat them with some freshly made appa or hoppers. 

The Sri Lanka Cuisine promotion is running at Carousel International Coffee House @ Palace of the Golden Horses until 31st October 2014. The menu are kept authentic under the good hands of Chef Publis who is a highly respected chef and is also the only chef who holds a doctorate in culinary arts.

I had the honour of dining with the Sri Lankan community and His Excellency Mr. Ibrahim Sahib Ansar, The High Commissioner for Sri Lanka during my visit to Carousel. Judging from the nodding heads and happy faces, its definitely apt to say that the Sri Lankan feast that we had were authentic.

Flavours are intense and one will want to have more than one helping from the appetizers, mains and even desserts. I am not much of a rice person so I had the mains with the freshly made appa or hoppers. Take your pick of sweet or savoury ones. I had both types because they are just too good to stop on the first piece. I do particular love my appa with some salt, pepper, an egg and eaten with lunu miris. 

There are 3 rotating menus during this promotion. Some dishes can be a tad spicier than others. Here's some of my faves from dinner.
Fish mirisata 
A dish of fish cooked with spices. This is definitely my favourite from the night because of the slightly sour taste from the use of tamarind.
Coconut sambal
Prawns tempered 
Dry curry with generous sized prawns coated with an assortment of spices including shallots, chili, capsicum, chili, tomato, garlic, ginger and a hint of lime and mango chutney. Very appetizing! 
Mutton devilled
Brinjal moju 
This is a very traditional Sri Lankan pickle that proved to be very popular with the diners that night. It doesn't look the part of being tasty but take a little pinch to go with each mouth or curry and rice. I particularly liked it with the devilled curry! 
Chicken curry

Its a good idea to end dinner with some desserts especially when dinner is all about spices. Have more appa which taste really good with a drizzle of sweet coconut milk! Alternatively, there's also traditional sweeter ones like thala guli and pani pol pancakes. If you fancy something creamy and less sweet then the treacle and curd is highly recommended.
Thala guli
Lil bite size sweet made with aromatic palm sugar and sesame seed. Terribly addictive because I think I ate at least 8 until I realised it was night time and I seriously needed to sleep and not run in my sleep!
Treacle and curd
Pani pol pancake
Crepes with freshly grated coconut and palm sugar

What I love about Carousel is that its buffet features a good variety of other local and international dishes in its buffet line to supplement the Sri Lanka Cuisines promotion. A big favourite with my dining mates were the oysters, roast lamb and laksa!

Sri Lanka Cuisine
• RM78++ adults
• RM39++ children and senior citizens
• Lunch and dinner until 31 October 2014

Carousel International Coffeehouse
Palace of the Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas
MINES Wellness City
43300 Sri Kembangan
T: 603 8946 4888

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