Story Of A Special Friday


When one loves an animal enough, one will be loved back many times over.

Friday, was a stray lost kitten who found me and my husband when we were living on the 2nd level of an apartment in Gasing Heights. 

It was a lovely Friday afternoon when I was teaching piano to a 7 year old little girl. Out of no where, we both heard a poor little meow of distress somewhere outside my door. We both went to have a look, and there standing right at my door, a set of 'please help me eyes' were looking straight at me. We looked at each other for a few seconds before he decided it was safe enough to take a few steps closer, and eventually followed me right into the house. 
Day 1 - looking greasy, messy and scarred
Tiny tiny little fella, cute as a button though with scabs and warrior marks all over his face and body. This poor little thing must have been out there fighting the big boys for survival. He must have been tired, scared, hungry and had enough of the big bad world out there. So, there he sat, nicely and quietly like a good student on the first day of class. We brought him milk and just left him some space to chill and just enjoy being safe. So safe that he decided that he was going to adopt us and make that his home forever and ever!

We kept him in our house for the night before taking him to the vet to get his wounds cleaned up and a little health check. We were told, we had a boy! Two weeks old!  Because at that point of time, my husband and I were moving to Melbourne the year later, we felt we were not in the right position to keep him. We put his pictures up on Facebook, looking for someone to take him. Everyone Ooo-ed and Ahhh-ed over how tiny he was, but very few responded they wanted to keep him. He wasn't the cutest face at that time. Scrawny, with scabs on his ears, nose, mouth and one eye big, one eye small, mata septet kinda look. The few who wanted him, lived alone and work from 9am - 7pm, the usual Malaysian work hours. We felt as much as they wanted to look after him, but the poor thing is gonna be left all alone at home such long hours everyday, what life would that be?
After 7 days
So the hunt went on few a week plus… the longer we had him in our house, the more we fell in love with him. My students who came to the house, all had their different names for him. Some called him Meow, some called him Thor, some called him Simba. He was one kitten with many names! 

Then came Chinese New Year, we had to go back to Penang and couldn't just bring him with us. So we found him a 'godma' to house him for a few days. Godma loved him but she had just lost her own cat not long ago and was not ready to have another one. So this little fella had godma's love and attention while we were in Penang. On our way back, I just couldn't wait to see him again for cuddles and kisses. And was thinking of a good name for him. 'Friday' came to mind as I was thinking about the day our eyes met, and the moment I said to my husband we are going to name him Friday, that was the moment I knew I was owned forever and ever.
Sound asleep in his forever home.
Tiny but growing fast and well.
A favourite sleeping spot in inside the piano.
Friday's grown too big to sleep in the piano.
Bonding time with Daddy watching Daddy's favourite game of basketball
Teacher and student

He is the cutest thing in the whole wide world! Eats durian, loves butter, plays the piano, chews on herbs, cooks with me, activates the irobot to clean the house and loves playing hide and seek!  We love him till the cows come home and go out again and come home and go out again many many many times over. Three and a half years pass, he is now an Australian PR, migrated and now living with us in Melbourne. Best thing we ever did in our whole entire life, to share our safe home with him, and in return, he gave us all of his love. 
Quarantine in Melbourne
Dressed in style for his first winter in Melbourne
Friday cooks dinner in Melbourne too
He is also an awesome host!
An efficient accountant for Daddy
An accomplished pianist who plays every night for mummy.

First thing we do in the morning, cuddles and kisses. Last thing we do before we go to bed, cuddles and kisses. We are so hopelessly owned. But it's ok, Friday is nothing but love and joy!

Thanx Melyssa Soo-Hoo for this guest post. Its amazing how adopting a stray into our lives makes a huge difference to our lives and of course the kiddo's life. Check out Friday in his Facebook page Supercatlifragilisticexpianodocious for inspiration, laughter and even some music classes!

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