Bites Cafe @ Lake Fields

I admit that I get grouchy when I am hungry. Strangely when I walked into Bites Cafe @ Lakefields, my mood changed for the better immediately even though I have yet to have anything to eat or drink after my 30km morning run. There was something cheery about the place coupled with the happy faces of the diners there. Soon I realised, its the decor, the food and the team working at Bites Cafe that make it a delightful visit each and every time.

The decor is cute, colourful and cozy. There is something about the bright decors and quaint frames on the wall. If you have the time, walk through the frames and you will be smiling your way through them. At the end of the cafe, there is a cozy spot if you prefer sitting on carpets and scatter cushions. Its a nice spot to chill over a good book or with your friends for a chat after you guys had your meal on tables and chairs.

Nothing satisfies more than a cup of coffee. Take your pick of the usual espresso, latte, flavoured latte etc. My bet would have been to start with an espresso but I reserved them for the affogato which many have praised Bites Cafe for. So its a latte for the hubster and a double shot latte for me. 

The drinks menu in Bites Cafe is varied so there's still good old fashion fresh juices, teas, smoothies, chocolate, beer and even milk on the menu! After a run, watermelon and celery juice was definitely a good start to our meal before the latte and meals arrived.
Don't look shocked Biscotti. You are meant to be eaten! On a serious note, the almond cranberry biscotti here is seriously good and addictive. I wanted more:D
Latte RM7.90
Watermelon and celery juice RM8.90

The menu is rather extensive and it makes sense that one visits with friends or family so you can run through the menu. No complaints on the serving portion too. Nice that food is prepared only when you order, so its a lil wait which is definitely worth it. From the dishes that we have had among the 5 of us, you will see that Bites Cafe is unique with its choice of ingredients. 
Breakfast Pizza RM13.90
Pizza for breakfast is an awesome thing on a menu. Never mind I am having it folunch but I like the name and I like the whole concoction of baby spinach, beef bacon, cheese, egg and mushroom. You have to credit Bites Cafe for getting their eggs all nice and perfectly runny as far as their sunny side ups are concerned. 
It’s A Wrap RM14.90
A vegan meal of salad and avocado with a special home made orange berries dressing. If you want it with some meat, opt for some smoked salmon to give it a savoury punch that goes well with teh dressing. 
The French RM15.90
Simple French Toast given a heavier bite with added chicken ham, melted cheese, maple syrup and a sunny side up. Lovely combination of flavours and its really nice to have the eggs and maple syrup oozing in every bite.
Eggs Benedict RM17.90
Eggs Benedict are really perfect brekkies or a meal because it pretty much has all the components of nutrition for a complete meal. Take your pick of either smoked salmon or beef bacon. I personally prefer salmon over beef bacon because bacon for me is only oinky ones. Thick sliced of smoked salmon with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, hollandaise sauce and of course a perfect poached egg with healthy multigrain bread. Gorgeous meal in one plate!
The Swiss RM14.90
Rosti! I will admit that its been some time since I had a rosti. Strangely, I have not seen them on any of the menu the places that i have been eating at and of course not had good rosti. A straight forward tasty rosti of grated potatoes lightly salted and peppered to go with the comforting scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. 
The Italian RM14.90
More eggs galore from Bites Cafe in the form of a frittata. Simple but delightful plate of eggs with a generous filling of juicy cherry tomatoes, onions, spinach and turkey ham.
Beef Bacon and Shrimp Pasta RM24.90
The pasta at Bites Cafe are one of the better ones that we have had at cafes. Al dente spaghetti with just the right emasure of salt, pepper and olive oil and a generous serving of beef bacon and shrimps. Perfect carbo loading meal!
Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Chicken RM22.90
The husbter favoured this pasta over the other and it was no surprised since its a comforting creamy sauce quite similar to a carbonara. Its made even richer with some grated cheese. To give it a more satisfying feel, there's chicken breast and some olives to go with the pasta. 
Club Sandwich Waffle RM12.90
Forget boring bread because the club sandwich at Bites Cafe is with waffles. A nice touch and its really a delightful bite with eggs, chicken ham (or beef bacon), lettuce, cheese and tartar sauce. Love the fact that the waffles are no sickeningly sweet!
Grill Chicken and Waffle Sandwich RM15.90
Grilled chicken with sautéed mushroom, sunny side up, melted cheese, mushroom sauce, salad and waffles. A good meal except I wish for a bigger slice of grilled chicken. 

That's quite a bit of food for 5 persons but nothing was wasted. Must say the 5 of us must have been some growing kids stuck in the body of adults. Desserts is of course a must!
Affogato with Crushed Cranberry Almond Biscotti with Pandan Kaya Ice Cream RM9.90
Highly recommended and I had no regrets saving my espresso shot for this pretty and unique dessert. Pandan Kaya Ice Cream by The Last Polka to go with a shot of espresso. Love the extra bite from the crunchy almond cranberry biscotti.  Might taste strange for some but I love this quirky combination of flavours.
Waffle Topped with Gula Melaka Ice Cream RM11.90
Another delightful dessert of waffles and superb Gula Melaka ice cream. East and West made right!
And if you need more desserts and ice cream...there's plenty of The Last Polka ice cream for you to choose. Which is your favourite flavour?

For your fix of a happy meal(s) and happy ambience, head on to the Bites Cafe!
Bites Café @ Lake Fields
72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7
Lake Fields Sg Besi
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 9055 4438  

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