Recipe: Cheddar Omelette Kiwifruit Salad

I like whipping out quick and clean bites with minimum washing. Actually dish with more than 10 ingredients does freak me out. So the cheddar omelette with kiwifruit salad is perhaps one of the easiest and more fulfilling quickie meals that I do whip out quite often within 5 minutes.

• 1 egg
• One teaspoon sesame seed
• 10g cheddar (grated or sliced)
• Pepper to taste
• Rocket leaves
• 1 kiwifruit
• Lotus seeds or whatever nuts you fancy
• Paprika (if you prefer something spicy)

• Beat egg with sesame seed, pepper and cheddar lightly
• Cook to preferred doneness
• Dice kiwifruit
• Serve omelette on a bed of rocket leaves and kiwifruit. Add on lotus seeds.
• Sprinkle paprika

Its a quickie and wholesome meal without the need for commercial fatty salad dressings. There is lots of flavour and texture from cheddar cheese used. The sesame seeds give extra bite and flavour. Kiwifruits are naturally juicy with a lovely sweet tangy touch to it so its a perfect salad sauce replacement. If you like a tangier taste opt for a not so ripe kiwifruit. I love a touch of spice in my food so its added paprika for colour and taste. 

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you would note that I do incorporate Zespri kiwifruits into my diet quite often. These little fruits are delicious, low in calories, high in Vitamin C, potassium and high in fibre. 

And now as part of my 14-day challenge of consuming 2 Zespri kiwifruits daily for better nutrition and digestive health, you will certainly be seeing the different ways I eat kiwifruits other than eating them straight. Its all delicious, easy and simple enough for you to replicate by just looking at the ingredients mentioned. 

Meanwhile, I will try to blog the recipes as much as possible too as I will be travelling again for the next one week for my runs. Do stock up on Zespri kiwifruits and have fun incorporating them into your diet daily! 

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