Recipe: Kiwifruit Sandwiches

Sandwiches are easy to whip out. And instead of the usual spreads and fillings, add a refreshing touch to your sandwich. A lovely touch would be kiwifruit. The green kiwifruits are lovely because its a nice sweet and tangy mix. If you choose a riper green kiwifruit then its nice and sweet touch to your savoury sandwich. 

A favourite and usual style is peanut butter with kiwifruits. Easy, simple and totally delicious with a juicy touch to the usual PB sandwiches. The added kiwifruit also adds fibre for better digestion and keeps me full longer.
Usual PB sandwich topped with Zespri Green kiwifruits and some cinnamon for added antioxidants. Cinnamon is also a natural sweetener:D A touch of "art" so brekkie isn't so boring.

Sandwiches for lunch are probably one of my faves. the Jamon ham were from my recent trip to Paris (Grocery shopping is a must for me every trip).  Home made baguette with Zespri kiwifruits, aged cheddar and Jamon ham are convenient and tasty. If you make your own bread make extra and keep them in the freezer, you can easily pop them into the oven to bake while you buzz around with other chores etc.

Its easy and simple task of incorporating kiwifruits into your diet. 2 lil fruits pack a lot more Vitamin C and fibre than oranges. So start having kiwifruits in your diet! For more yummy ways to eat kiwifruits head on to my FB album Zespri 14-Day Challenge. Do also stalk the following channels for more updates and to show some love too: