MRCA Charity Run 2014 - Review

MRCA Charity Run 2014, running, One City Mall, Koufu Trendy,
Its been quite a few Sundays filled with official runs rather than my usual training. Fun in a way except for strange reason, I found myself running another 10km run which isn't quite my idea of an ideal run because I am terrible at short distances which requires greater speed. Anyhow, The MRCA Charity Run 2014 was definitely a good and fun run in its own manner filled with old and young.

Collection of race kit on the eve on the race at One City Mall gave me a rough indication of the race route. It was going to be flat and literally almost iron board flat with a few slight elevations. Hmmmm I literally was rolling my eyes at the thoughts of a flat route during our late lunch at Koufu Trendy but the hubster was like a wise old man and 'advised' that I should embrace the challenge of a flat route. In embracing new challenges then I can only improve my running technic, timings etc. Yeah yeah...whatever...its me running not him! 

Got to the race site at 6am as duly advised in our race kit. Parking was ample and good. I opted to sit in One City Mall anticipating that the warm up session indoor led by the instructors from the gym will be good. Ooops..they were playing music romantic from the 80s. was literally putting me to sleep and I didn't have my iPod with me for my own set of playlist - been trying to run without music on my runs and thought I start with short 10km runs. 
MRCA Charity Run 2014, running, One City Mall, Koufu Trendy,

Messaged the bunch of runners in our whatsapp group and Nick mentioned he was "hiding in one of the bushes" outdoor where the music was my kind of running songs. Aaarrgh,,,I should have messaged them earlier. Got out, met Nick and wanted to do a bit of warm up but I got lazy. Ended up chatting with fellow runners and did my toilet inspection before we were flagged off.

It was quite a crowd and being a fun run, as expected there will be some who will be walking hand in hand or those who sprinted off at the start of the race only to walk within the first few kilometres. Made a note that I should learn to move on to the front of the race line in future if I want to avoid running zig zag to overtake the walkers or lane hoggers...hopefully I remember that in future.
MRCA Charity Run 2014, running, One City Mall, Koufu Trendy,
The weather was cool at the start though it was a tad sunny. Good traffic control in general and I had a good time picking up my pace since it was a flat route. Did a fair bit of over cutting the runners. Took a cup of water at the first water station at KM4. Well organised with ready filled cups and plenty of dustbins for people to throw their cups etc. 

Had a near miss of tripping as I approached the next water station at KM6. Rehydrated and continued my run looking out for fellow pals who were running. Nick, Claudia and KK were doing well and ahead of me at the U Turns. No issues...I was still maintaining my pace... tad faster than I bargained for and enjoying the scenery and greeting the volunteers on duty. 

Yeah doing some traffic duties as some runners were totally unaware of their surroundings. Please if you choose to run with music on, you still need to be aware of the coming traffic behind you. There had been a few incidences that fellow runners had to tap and grab a few of the totally blurred out by music runners and walkers from the road. It wasn't a full road closure on certain stretch so please be mindful when running. Always also follow what the route marshalls tell you to do. Stop running on the so called inner line of the road just because you want to run less because that inner line may just be where the traffic is coming from!

A tad of human traffic at the last water station because we merged with the 5km. Some were walking towards us, some were in the same direction. Heavy human traffic left me with no choice but to run along the cones but paying attention to possible vehicle traffic behind me.  Cleared the last corner and it was a nice quickened pace as I see One City Mall becoming closer and closer with every stride. Aiks...sorry if I yelled "runner coming through" at the last 50 metres as I reached the finish line. Its under 10km...but I am determined to do my best even at 9.38km.

Done and dusted. The MRCA Charity Run 2014 10km...or rather 9.38km at my personal best of 54.33 at 8th placing. Thirsty and hungry, I was glad to catch up with Nick for coffee and some food that the organisers had arranged. Good stuff including ice cream, organic crackers etc.  Also good to catch up with KK and Claudia. Congras Claudia on your 5th placing!
MRCA Charity Run 2014, running, One City Mall, Koufu Trendy,

MRCA Charity Run 2014, running, One City Mall, Koufu Trendy,

MRCA Charity Run 2014 hasn't just been a run of its own. The run was dedicated to a good pal Brandon who would have turned 40 on Sunday 30 November 2014 had he still being alive. Miss you lots's a medal for your birthday pressie. I hope you had a blast celebrating with the angels and Money in heaven.
MRCA Charity Run 2014, running, One City Mall, Koufu Trendy,

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Christmas, kuala lumpur, Others, Pavilion KL, travel, Magical Light Show

Christmas, kuala lumpur, Others, Pavilion KL, travel, Magical Light Show

Christmas, kuala lumpur, Others, Pavilion KL, travel, Magical Light Show

Christmas, kuala lumpur, Others, Pavilion KL, travel, Magical Light Show
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Traders Hotel, Foodie Trail, Christmas
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