Time to Sleep!

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How well do you sleep? How well does your loved one sleep? If your answer is "not too good" then you might want to look into your sleeping habits and also your sleeping space including your bedding e.g. pillows and mattress. The folks at Dunlopillo believes that a mattress is more than an object necessary for sleep. In the comfort of your mattress, you are free to experience and embrace your thoughts and emotions. This simply translates to a more rested you (or your partner) and it all leads to better health, wellness and even relationships since a tired person is more likely to be snappy and short fused.

What you could do for starters is to get yourself a new mattress. This is especially so if you have not changed your mattress for the at least the last 2 years. Its for hygiene as well as after 2 years, we would have accumulated lots of dead skin cells that is delicious food for bed bugs. Sleeping with you loved one is good. Sleeping with bed bugs is NOT a good idea!

And with Christmas and the new year round the corner, getting a new mattress is another perfect move to getting better sleep or even to kick start the new year with a resolution to sleep better and do better in life. To make it easier on your wallet to purchase a new mattress, head on to Dunlopillo Facebook page. Share your special moments this holiday season and you could win a RM500 Dunlopillo voucher. 

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#MYDunlopilloMoments, sleep, trouble sleeping, Dunlopillo, contest,

I don't need as much sleep as most people but I try to have a good night sleep every night no matter where I am. Here's 8 of my favourite tips on getting a better sleep every night:
One: A regular sleep routine keeps your biological clock in place. So try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning.
Two: Eliminate distractions from the room. These include the TV, computer or even the furkids. I love the idea of having my furry kids to cuddle when I sleep. However, the noisy playful and hyper cat isn't quite the best company for me since he wants to play every hour. So out he went and I am now guaranteed a good night sleep.
#MYDunlopilloMoments, sleep, trouble sleeping, Dunlopillo, contest,
Three: If you travel and find that a new bed is just not too sleep friendly, bring along your favourite pillow or fluff toy. Yochana travels everywhere with me so I am assured a good night rest anywhere I travel.
#MYDunlopilloMoments, sleep, trouble sleeping, Dunlopillo, contest,
Four: Exercise is good for you in every sense but do not exercise too close to bed time. A gap of 3 to 4 hours before bedtime is a optimum because by then, your body cools down and begins producing sleep inducing melatonin that makes you drowsy.
Five: Relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile helps to relax a person. Try a spritz on your bedlinen, add them to your final rinse or even soak up a cotton ball with your preferred essential oil and put it into your pillow. 
Six: If you are one of those who wake up in the  middle of the night because you are hungry, a glass of milk or light eats of crackers and cheese will help you sleep through the night. Warm milk right before bedtime works to lull me to sleep.
Seven: I like having a "good night" ritual before I sleep. Its a habit that I repeat to tell my brains that its time to wind down and get ready to zzzz. Some like light stretches, reading a few pages of a book or listening to some soft music. My personal preference is a few games of sudoku, knitting a few rows or even a nice warm shower to ease the muscles.
Eight: There are days that there is so much on the mind or the body is still having an adrenaline rush from the day's activities. To help one go to sleep, switch off the lights and just lie in bed doing nothing. Switch off your mobile phones and any gadgets that may distract you from going to bed.
#MYDunlopilloMoments, sleep, trouble sleeping, Dunlopillo, contest,

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