#GiveALittle While Running

charity, running, nike, Allianz Pacesetter 4x3km Relay 2014, Ambank, #GiveALittle
I love to run. Its not just a healthy hobby but given the right opportunity, its a good way of contributing to society. A few ways to get about #GiveALittle but wholeheartedly.

I am not talking about merely signing up for a run with proceeds going to charity since some runs only donates the nett proceeds to the said charity. What I seek is something wholesome whereby all collections are given to the nominated charity. 

THANX to an anonymous corporate body, I was able to run in return of them pledging RMXXX to Kiwanis Down SyndromeFoundation in the recent Allianz Pacesetters 4x3km Relay 2014. I have no idea what the donated amount was. All I knew that a minimum contribution of RM1,000 was required for a team to run in the Kiwanis Corporate Challenge category. 

So it was another Sunday running but a meaningful one because I finally got my chance of running while raising funds for a charity which holds close to my heart. Some of you might know that I do have a soft spot for the Kiwanis Foundation because of their good work with the Down Syndrome community which includes my sister and niece.

The whole works was that I was “paid” to run for charity so I tried real hard not to “curse” even though at the flag off I had to run uphill a steep slope!Trust me… sprinting up a slope is not my definition of fun. Short runs are not my cup of tea too because one has to run as fast as possible for shorter distances like 3km - akin to speeding or sprinting the entire distance. 

For all the “hard” work Team No Worries (strange name eh?) put in, we took home the 5th prize. It was lovely because none of us expected any placings. We were merely a random group that was pieced together to run for an anonymous corporate donor. We were grateful that we were allowed to run on their behalf. Getting a trophy even if it was for the 5th place wash’ something we all had in mind. No prize money buts its a sweet experience of a kind. I am still smiling from ear to ear as I pen this post and recall the whole works. 
charity, running, nike, Allianz Pacesetter 4x3km Relay 2014, Ambank, #GiveALittle
While events like Allianz Pacesetters 4x3km Relay 2014 might not come so frequently, I really wish to once again run for charity in 2015. Perhaps a kind soul reads this and shares out that Missyblurkit and her pals would want to exchange our run for moolah for charity bodies. Perhaps along the lines of pledging RMXX for every kilometre that we run for a race or event. Something similar to what some pals and I did during Nike 101010. It was a short run of 5km and 10km amongst a few of us. We didn’t raise much but the bunch of us were grateful that friends and friends of friends contributed for every kilometre that we ran. 
charity, running, nike, Allianz Pacesetter 4x3km Relay 2014, Ambank, #GiveALittle
In case you are wondering, this is my entry for Ambank’s #GiveALittle campaign. I am seriously hoping to win the prize money to channel the funds to my favourite charities. Well at least with winning some cash money, its more aid to the bodies. At least with giving the contest a go, I might just get that chance to win and contribute. At least with writing about what I want to do, I might just be shortlisted to run for charity again. So fingers, eyes and toes crossed let’s hope that 2015 will be a year that I will get to run more for charity.

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THANX Barefoot Ah Fook for the cover picture taken at a recent race. Race review coming up soon for the Allianz Pacesetter 4x3km 2014 relay and also MPIB My First Run 2015.