MPIB 2015: Review

MPIB2015, running, padang merbuk,

MPIB2015, running, padang merbuk,
Sunday 11th January 2015 turned out to be an awesome Sunday. It was my return to MPIB having ran my first in 2013. For the hubster, he ran his first official run for 2015 and I must say he did a good job too.

Woke up nice and early because I wanted to catch up with my TPRC buddies before they flagged off for their Sunday training. Guess I was not the only early bird at Padang Merbuk. Runners from all categories arrived as early as 6am and kudos to the organisers, the set up was in order. Runners could either choose to sit while waiting or warm up around the starting point. I chose to catch up with some of my favourite runners for pictures.

The boys were flagged off first. I wished the ladies were flagged off together with the blokes since I really see no reason unless as a friend mentioned, sometimes there is the fear that some boys may have itchy hands and end up "molesting" the ladies in the crowd. The start line for the ladies was energetic. I reckon that we were a much livelier bunch than the boys with lots of cheers and selfies too while we waited to begin our countdown to be flagged off.

I honestly dread flag offs from Padang Merbuk because a flag off from stationery up an elevated course isn't quite my idea of fun. It take quite a bit of effort but that being said, I must say I did a reasonably good job running pass quite a bit of participants. Took it at a constant pace running throughout most parts of the race except for the water stations. 

The race has been a good one in general with 3 water stations that's staffed by friendly volunteers. Water levels were just nice allowing us to drink without spilling all over. Good to see that even for short runs like this, there was both water and isotonic options at every water station.

Good to note that there were plenty of ambulances around parked and ready in case of emergencies. I love the friendly marshalls. I don't say this because I know some of them. This is one run where volunteers or marshalls don't stand on the spot with poker faces or play with their mobilephones. These are cheery folks that cheer you on. In fact, there was also a radio playing somewhere at KM3 immediately before the first water station. Since I run without my iPod (officially my iPod is dead), that section with music was really God Sent!

It was a cool Sunday morning so most participants looked like they had no issues with the route. I believe its also because of the running clinics being held prior to the run, many newbies had some decent training and tips. Even the hubster who ran his 5km was a happy boy with the traffic arrangement. Poor boy only had one wish - that he had a finisher medal instead of only a certificate. I see the point that he felt that he ran his best even though it was only a 5km but he wanted to a medal to hold and wear like those of us who ran the 9km and 12km. Perhaps the organisers could look into it...I believe that my hubster wasn't the only one who had the same thoughts.
MPIB2015, running, padang merbuk,
It was also nice and orderly with ample bananas, water, goodie bags etc at the finish line. Voluneteers weren't just handling us the items. They actually took the effort to congratulate the finishers while handing over the items. There was also Milo, ice cream and fruit juices to keep our stomachs happy. Padang Merbuk was abuzz with happy runners. Again...kudos MPIB!

My only gripe this time was having to run zig zag or outside the designated run lane because of selfish or pure blur runners. Walking on the outer side is a no no. If you want to walk, do keep left as announced by the organisers numerous times before the run was flagged off. For those who want to hold hands and chit chat, please also keep to the left. I am one verbal runner i.e. I will announce "Runner coming up" and my "thank you" when you give way to please give waylah. Don't tell me "jalan ajelah ah moi" (just walk only Miss) because I did not sign up for a run to walk. While MPIB2015 was not a race that I was chasing for better timing, the least I could do was to run it like it was part of my training. So boys (yes they were the boys that I caught up with), please let the lady pass through instead of muttering crap.  
MPIB2015, running, padang merbuk,

MPIB2015, running, padang merbuk,

That aside, I am glad that I ran a relatively good run. Came in 19th with an official time of 1:09:43 (gun time) and 1:09:32 (nett time). I stood as close to the starting line as I dared. There is still a fear of being in front and being tripped by faster runners. Its also a much better time of 1:30 back in 2013. Though slightly under distance at 11.73km, its probably one of my better 12km timings.
MPIB2015, running, padang merbuk,
The MPIB2015 is in general a good run. Aptly named My First Run, I highly recommend runners - newbies or otherwise to take part in this run when it takes place next year. Keep your eyes locked in at or for updates! CYA next year MPIB!

Full set of pics in the album MPIB2015. Do also stalk the following channels for more updates and to show some love too: