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The husbter and I both love sushi to a large extent. What holds us back is often the choice of ingredients thats rolled into each sushi. Life is good now that we discovered Okonomi where diners can opt for tried and tested sushi recipes or choose the ingredients for their very own sushi.

Our maiden visit to Okonomi proved that either way, diners are guaranteed to have lots of choices and options. The menu is varied and there's something for everyone from light bites, salads, sushi, hot dishes and dessert. Its also value for money with the huge portions for sushi.

Our meal kicks off with hot green tea. There's lattes and floats too if you fancy something sweet. We opted to reserve our tastebuds and calories for our savoury food first:D
japanese, sushi, publika, okonomi, Foodie Trail,

Since it was just the hubster and I, we decided that we should try customising our own sushi. This was a good idea because I love seaweed wraps while the hubster wasn't much of a seaweed fan with sushi. The whole process of choosing the ingredients for our sushi was going to be time consuming but fun experience so we took our waiter's advise to order other items first while we customised our sushi. Good advise and we glad we took it up because we took close to 15 minutes to decide on our choice ingredients. As soon as we were done customising our sushi, our other orders arrived.

We opted for the Avocado Prawn Salad RM18.90 because we saw quite a few tables ordering it. Awesomeness in a gorgeous bowl of fresh greens topped with creamy ripe avocado topped with juicy prawns with a refreshing citrus sauce and a general topping of tobiko. Squeeze a little lemon for more zing!
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The taste buds were a happy bunch seeing the Salmon Mentai RM15.90 was on the menu. Norwegian salmon grilled just right leaving the meat still moist and with a lovely creamy roe topping. Again a squeeze of lemon does extra wonders to this dish.

The menu at Okonomi is still expanding. THANX Chef Alex for the delightful surprise salad.  This salad will be one of the new items to be added to the menu soon. Any idea what it is? Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to check it out! 
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Its 3 simple steps to customise one's sushi but I have broken it down to a few more steps below. Its fun and a tad time consuming if you can't decide on what ingredients you feel like having. Rest assured that if your choice ingredients put together doesn't sound right, the kitchen team will swing by to advise accordingly. 
(1) To start off, choose the size:
• Small RM13.90 - 3 filling, 1 sauce and 1 topping
• Medium RM16.90 - 4 filling, 1 sauce and 1 topping
• Large RM19.90- 5 filling, 1 sauce and 1 topping
(2) Take your pick of white rice or brown rice
(3) Choose either a wrapping of seaweed (nori) or a soy wrap.
(4) Choose your type of roll - maki (with wrapping outside) or uramaki (wrapping inside).
(5) Choose your filling. There's over 40 different type of ingredients to choose from including vegetables, fruts, seafood and meat. If you opt to choose more filling then you can just top up accordingly.
(6) Choose your choice of sauce. There's 19 different homemade sauces and if you want to try an additional sauce, the folks at Okonomi are kind enough to indulge your request with a second sauce on the side. Of course if you like your sauce on the side, this is also possible.
(7) Choose your topping. Similar to the sauce, you can request for this to be on the side.

The husbter wanted lots of ingredients packed into his sushi. However there was only one stomach and with limited space too, so after a few plus and minus process, he finally opted for an uramaki of white rice with soft shell crab, avocado, Hokkaido crabmeat, mentai mayo and tongarashi.  We ordered Small but we are looking at a piece of very filling sushi made with 200g of rice!
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I have a weak spot for soy wrap so naturally it was soy wrap with brown rice for me. Opting for something healthy, its a sushi of salmon, cucumber, Japanese scallop, tobiko and wasabi mayo. I love the brown rice used for the sushi. It has a lovely nutty fragrance to it like any brown rice but its also soft, moist and not mushy. In fact, if you are not fond of brown rice because you find it either on the extreme ends of hard or mushy, then the brown rice at Okonomi is highly recommended.

I requested for the wasabi mayo to be placed on the side so that I could dip my sushi into it. If you love wasabi mayo, then this is highly recommended. This is made in house and has a lot more ooomph to it that many other Japanese restaurants. 
japanese, sushi, publika, okonomi, Foodie Trail,
japanese, sushi, publika, okonomi, Foodie Trail,

The reason why we didn't have any lattes or floats to kick start our meal was also because we wanted to save the sweet stuff to end our meal. Since it was dessert for only one person (hubster was pretty much in a food coma after the sushi), I decided that it would be matcha for one dessert and chocolate for the other. 

Green tea dessert lovers must must must must try out the Matcha Lovers Parfait RM18.90. A delightfully cold and sweet glass of green tea jelly, azuki beans, shiratama (sweet rice dumplings), soft serve matcha ice cream, corn flakes and matcha chocolate bamboo stick. Its a lovely combination of ingredients that is surprisingly not cloying or terribly sweet dessert. I will definitely be back for this really soon.
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Since I had one matcha dessert, I chose the second dessert in the form of Chocolate Lava Cake RM16.90 which is also available in green tea. The lava cake is made in house and in limited quantity to ensure freshness. No regrets with this choice. Its dense, naturally sweet but again nothing too cloying. Have it while its hot and the lava will also flow out nicely. 
japanese, sushi, publika, okonomi, Foodie Trail,

I love the menu at Okonomi. There are the ready menus for you to choose or you can have fun experimenting with flavours, taste and textures. If its your lunch hour, I suggest that you stick to the items in the menu instead of wasting precious short lunch hours trying to figure out what you want in your sushi. During dinner or if you have time to spare and are in a company of friends then have fun creating your own sushi. 

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