BenQ's Projectors Transform Homes into Cinemas

#BenQHomeCinema, home video projector, BenQ, home entertainment
I am no tech buff but I know whether something is good or practical as a consumer. Quality time at home is enhanced with BenQ's new projectors. These projectors promise to turn small rooms into cinemas and indeed during the demonstration that was held in a show house, I witness how a small bedroom or living room is transformed into a cinema or even a gaming room. Perfect for the whole family since the projector is light and portable. 

#BenQHomeCinema, home video projector, BenQ, home entertainment
BenQ is offering 2 models - W1070+ @ RM3,999 and W1080ST+ @ RM4,299. Does it strike you that its actually the price of a TV? And for that investment you will get:
• Full HD 1080p home projectors with cinema-grade image quality that can give users a screen size of up to 300 inches
• Portability to move it around the house to wherever you need it. Think along the lines of living room when everyone sits together for a movie, football game etc. Bring it to the kitchen as you watch your favourite cook show while you whip out your MasterChef dishes.
• You can also watch 3D movies with BenQ 3D glasses. These glasses are now FREE with the projectors - while stocks last!
• 100" cinematic experience is possible as the 2 models require a small distance to project. The W1080ST+ is built with BenQ’s world-leading short-throw technology to deliver 100” of cinematic enjoyment in a mere distance of 1.5 meters, while the W1070+ projects a 100” big picture in 2.5 meters. 
• Built in 10W resonant chamber speaker allows you to enjoy crisp-clear audio quality. In fact this is similar to an LED TV quality. Take your pick of four preset sound modes and an equalizer setting available to optimize your entertainment experience. 
• Side projection is an awesome feature. These 2 BenQ projectors can be placed at the side of the wall or even at the corner of the room for it to do its job as it is flexible enough up to 30 degrees. So save the table space in front of you for your munchies and place the projector at the side!

During the demo, it was interesting and an eye opener to see the practicality of owning one of these projectors even if one lives in a small Studio Apartment. What impressed me was the picture quality comparison test too. Images from the left is from an Epson projector while images on the right is from BenQ.
#BenQHomeCinema, home video projector, BenQ, home entertainment
#BenQHomeCinema, home video projector, BenQ, home entertainment
#BenQHomeCinema, home video projector, BenQ, home entertainment
Absolutely smitten with the richer and crisp pics projected from BenQ.

If you are looking to replace your TV or even to enhance your home entertainment pleasure, these 2 models of BenQ home projectors are good considerations: W1070+ @ RM3,999 and W1080ST+ @ RM4,299. In fact it makes a good gift for the coming Valentine's Day. Its also CNY soon as I can think of endless entertainment pleasure for both old and young when yourfriends and loved ones visit you at your home!

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