Bukit Jalil Marathon 2015

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Completed the 10KM category at the Bukit Jalil Marathon 2015 on Sunday. Was eyeing to do the 21km but for some strange reason I found myself registered in the 10km category. No complains per se since I am recovering from a sprained ankle that I sustained previous week.

Its been a week of limping and though I still limp, both the sports doctor and acupuncturist gave me the clearance to resume running on condition that I keep it light and easy with strict instructions to stop if it hurts. Simple instructions and I knew I had to adhere failing which I might have to rest out a few months like I had to in 2013.

Went to my start line for the 10km flag off at 5:40am. Pretty orderly flag off except for males who thought it was OK to push the females. No one walked at the start line either.

Started at an easy 6:30 pace. Felt good with minimal discomfort similar to me walking. Sped up till it was uncomfortable bordering painful (6:00 per km). At KM3 I had to slow down to what I felt was approximately 6:15 per km. I don't run with a runners' watch so I don't quite know my actual speed till I study the post run stats.

Decided that I would maintain the comfortable speed of 6:15 or so. Smiling and responding to volunteers who were cheering us - this is chit chat pace as I agreed with the doctors. Post run stats showed I was hovering between 6:12 to 6:20 throughout the route. Felt good until the final 500m when the discomfort came back. A tad stubborn and I chose to ignore it since its just a bit more and I wanted to finish strong.

Completed at 1:04:26 gun time. Not my best ever. Neither is it a good timing for that route. The surprise was that I came in 5th for the Women's Veteran 10KM category. Truth is that was posisble because the top guns were all at the Malaysia Women Marathon (LOL). Its a nice trophy, medal and RM50 Brooks voucher that come in handy for me to buy another running shorts.
#MaltaMY, Brooks, Bukit Jalil Marathon, Malta, running,
#MaltaMY, Brooks, Bukit Jalil Marathon, Malta, running,
The route is largely flat compared to my usual running routes. A few mild elevations with a total elevation gain of 205metres over 10km. So yes, this is what I call a flat route.

Compared to last year,  I felt that this year was more well organised. The volunteers and marshalls were actually runners. As such they knew how to man their respective water stops or spots. Typically runners, they would encourage the runners with words of encouragement. 
#MaltaMY, Brooks, Bukit Jalil Marathon, Malta, running,
This route is found on Runkeeper "Bukit Jalil 10KM"

Since I limp more obviously when I walk, the volunteers actually asked whether I needed medical help when I stopped for drinks and at the finish line. The cups were filled half making it easier to grab and go or even drink while walking without spilling. Bravo volunteers!

The only part I hated during the run was after KM9.5 when the street lights suddenly went off. We were all reduced to running in the dark. a fellow runner nearly tripped and went "ooops". I was certainly grateful for volunteers who waved their lights to guide us and also for passing vehicles that threw some light into our side of the road. 

For now its rest time. Not pounding the roads till my next review in 10 days.  Hopefully by then I am cleared to resume full training.

Some side notes for the following folks:
Malta for sponsoring me in this run. I certainly had my share of fun and lots of delicious Malta after my run. Think it was 2 cans and 4 cups or was it more...
• Patrick for staying back to help snap the pics and the delicious cinnamon rolls with magical healing powers.
• Ana for popping by even though you were not well.
• Congras Jessie on winning the 4th place for Women's Veteran 21KM! Good timing!
#MaltaMY, Brooks, Bukit Jalil Marathon, Malta, running,
#MaltaMY, Brooks, Bukit Jalil Marathon, Malta, running,

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