Countdown to KL-Maran Walk 2015

KL-Maran Walk 2015 , Adidas, Ultra Boost, Brooks, Transcend, MHWH Night Run 2015, running, others, travel, #Rakyat4Rakyat, east coast,
12 hours to the flag off of my first attempt at walking 204km KL-Maran Walk. There is no medals, no finisher tee, no glamour, no victory, no podiums awarded etc. Its just a walk. A pilgrimage for the Indians and I am merely tagging along for an experience.

It all started with chatting up fellow runner and blogger Julie who I look up to for the many things that stands up for. Its her 10th year doing the KL-Maran Walk and I said to myself, why not I give it a try and experience it for myself. 

I pondered on the conditions of the stay and walk. I don't deny its a physical challenge that I love seeking. After all, 204km is definitely a distance that I have not attempted before whether running or walking. Coupled with the recent sprained ankle, I don't deny that it be a bigger physical challenge as I am no longer able to tackle slopes and hills like I used to. Let's put it mildly, even my stamina seemed to have seeped away after 3 weeks of pure rest.

Its definitely going to be 3 hot days of walking with possible temperatures reaching 36C or some passing showers here and there. I am quite a spoilt brat who loves her powerful hot showers and air conditioned sleeping conditions. During these 3 days, there will be nothing close to hot (clean) showers or comfortable sleeps in air conditioned rooms or even a bed. Rest for us each night is a temple hall washing up with cold water (and I reckoned largely unfiltered) and sleeping on the cold hard floor. I read and reread countless times whatever I could gather from sharings from those who have completed the KL-Maran walk. Its going to be back to basics - very bare basics. 
KL-Maran Walk 2015 , Adidas, Ultra Boost, Brooks, Transcend, MHWH Night Run 2015, running, others, travel, #Rakyat4Rakyat, east coast,
Pics courtesy of buddy Max who will also be walking this year.

So why am I still adamant to attempt to walk 204km from Kl to Maran?
• I love physical challenges - PLUS if at any time I am unfit or feel like calling it quits, I can always jump up the sweeper truck and make my way to the next stop or hail a bus home!
• Its back to basics conditions - I am too spoilt. Its time to wake up and learn that there are many others who might not even have a hall floor to sleep and shielded from the rain or sun. Some might not even have water to wash up. And I do at least have something for the next 3 days!
• Humility - this is not a walk in the park. Its not going to be easy. There will be pain. There will be frustrations. I want to learn and experience what other less fortunate people are enduring. Let me learn not to take for granted that I am able bodied.
I want to walk is I want to dedicate this walk with a prayer to God that he blesses both my parents and parents in laws who are in their 70s with good health. 
• #Rakyat4Rakyat and the East Coast Flood Victims - The main and my foremost reason to walk or attempt to walk as much as possible the entire distance of 204km in this KL-Maran Walk is for the East Coast flood victims. During the recent East Coast floods, we saw and I knew the devastation that hit the folks there. While help has been given to them during the wet days, now they really do need the help to get back on their feet, to resume their lives and rebuild what was taken away during the floods. 

For this, I will be working with the #Rakyat4Rakyat folks (again). It was good working with them during the days of collecting food and medical supplies for the East Coast Flood victims. In a respond to their call for funds for the 2 following causes, I will be dedicating the walk to collecting funds under their "Walk for Charity East Coast Flood Funds"
• Collection is also to be used for SK Kampung Laut and SK Seri Kampung Laut located in Tumpat, Kelantan. Each schools require an LCD projector (the flood had damaged their old ones) in order to keep up with the teaching and learning in the modern era of ICT. A decent LCD projector will cost about  RM 2100. 2 units of projectors and screens will be approximately RM5000. The said projectors are also much needed to run the minimal preparation for UPSR candidates.
• Collection will also be used to provide seeding money to these small business villagers to restart their breadwinning operations. Kg Laut-Tumpat is known for her serunding industry. During the flood most of their equipments are damaged and some lost. It is the only source of income for the people. Lets lend our hand to those to get back to their feet again.

Collection will be pegged at RM1 per km and donors are welcomed to donate in blocks of 10km. All monies collected will be used 100% for the 2 above mentioned causes. My walk will be tracked using RunKeeper by the #Rakyat4Rakyat folks on their FB page. All donation can be banked in to their Maybank account as follows:
Be The Change Resources 562731117688 (Maybank)

For more information on this collection, you may contact Yati @ +6019 318 5667

Its 12 hours to me beginning the walk with the Indian pilgrims and also my non Indian pals who are each dedicating the walk for  different causes and reasons. I am super excited. I am also nervous but I am also determined to walk as much as possible. I have packed and unpacked my bag and also my backpack. And I reckon maybe in a few hours time I will be doing the same pack and unpack until I make my way to Batu Caves for the flag off at 3am. 

In a glance:
• 2 pairs of trainers - Adidas Ultra Boost that I ran in the recent MHWH Night Run and The Brooks Transcend. Both are built for long distance running and now let's see how they fare for walks too.
• Tights for the 3 days of walking so that I don't get my legs in different shades.
• Tshirts for 3 days - packed extra because I will definitely want to have a change when the sun leaves me sticky and sweaty.
• Socks - very important to keep my feet dry to minimise blisters.
• Towel - for my cold showers everyday 
• Sarung - so I could change inside my sarung since there will be limited bathrooms or changing rooms at the community temples.
• Sleeping bag - no beds but let's just make do with a sleeping bag
• Windbreakers and raincoat - I reckon they come in handy when we are walking in the early hours of 3-6am.
• Panadol and salonplas - something for possible fevers after a long day under the sun. Salonplas for my achy muscles.
• Jaybird tape to tape the base of my feet to minimise blister probabilities and in case I have the urge to walk barefeet when shoes turn wet or stuffy.
• Caps to offer me some shade.
• Shiloh - No kiddo! You are not going for the walk with mummy! (wait till you are no more a kitten LOL)
• Sport bras - my trusted bras by Moving Comfort for Neubodi.
• Sunglasses to shield my peepers
• Naroo armsleeves and face mask to cover cover the face and arms. THANX to my buddies Arie and Junie for the Compressport armsleeves in pink!
KL-Maran Walk 2015 , Adidas, Ultra Boost, Brooks, Transcend, MHWH Night Run 2015, running, others, travel, #Rakyat4Rakyat, east coast,

Ok...I definitely need to repack and add on more items. I don't see slippers (I need them when I shower in the public washrooms) wet wipes, charcoal tablets, alcohol swipes, antiseptic cream, hypodermic needles, nail clipper and plastic bags for my soiled clothes or even to keep my handcarry dry in case of a downpour while we are walking. Of yes! How can I forget my power bank and camera to capture my journey of pain and humility. Right! Let's just end this post and start repacking. Drop me a message if you think I have left something out.

There's lots still running in my mind. I will be offline most times to conserve my mobile phone battery and also to stay focus on my cause but updates will come especially during my meal breaks. Do show me some love and spare me some thoughts and prayers:
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