Lemon - Flavour and Alkaline

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I love drinking water with a wedge or squeeze of lemon in it. It goes beyond a refreshing flavour and touch to our plain drinking water. I add lemon to my drink as its nature's simple and affordable way to make our water alkaline. 

Contrary to what many believe that the lemon is acidic because its sour. No doubt that this citrus fruit is acidic but its also by nature an anionic. Thus when we add lemons into our drinking water, the water becomes acidic. As the lemon is anionic, when lemon water is digested, it produces an alkaline result.

Simple benefits of drinking water with lemon include:
• Its an alkaline drink which help neutralise our body which is acidic from our choice of food e.g. red meats.
• It flavourful and low in calories (one whole lemon contains approximately 20 calories). A glass of water with a wedge of lemon or a squeeze of lemon juice is definitely less calories than a cup of coffee or tea or soft drinks.
• Lemons are rich in Vitamin C. Adding some lemon into our drinks is an additional way of consuming more Vitamin C.
• Lemon aid in reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid.

There are more benefits of drinking water with lemon but the above are simple reasons that I have been adding lemon into my drinking water for almost 5 years. Where possible, do use organic lemons if you are using the lemon with its skin.

And in case you are wondering whether water water with lemon is sour...well, it will be sour if you add the juice of one whole lemon into a glass of water. However, if its just a squeeze or just a few slices or wedges of lemon (not squeezed), you get a refreshing glass of water that is actually slightly sweet if you include the skin).
health, lemon, random musings, alkaline, recipe
So go ahead and add some lemon into your bottle or glass of water. I add them to my work bottle for taste and of course as a means of alkalising my body.
health, lemon, random musings, alkaline, recipe
Lemon juice NOT lemonade. We don't need the extra sugar!

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