Gold Coast Airport Marathon Checklist

We are days away from the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2015. The excitement is certainly building up and I am personally am extremely excited with the thoughts of returning to Gold Coast for another full marathon.  Since its a bit of travelling for me this month before I head in to Gold Coast, a checklist for race preparation is crucial.

Similar to last year, Asics and Gold Coast Airport Marathon have an app for runners to use for the race next Sunday 5th July 2015. This is available for both iOs and Android users. Some of my favourite features include:
• Race day packing list.
• Race day kit.
• Race route that includes a video of the route and tips on what to expect.
• Race nutrition guideline such as carbo loading, race day meal, hydration and fuelling tips.
• Training plan - of course its a tad late to look into a training plan now but this is one brilliant plan that you can look to utilise for your next race.
• Race tracker for your family members and friends.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon app
Gold Coast Airport Marathon app features

And of course if you actually forgot to pack something before flying into Gold Coast, there's always the ASICS Sport and Leisure Expo when you collect your race pack OR hop over to Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre for loads of amazing discounted items!

ASICS Sport and Leisure Expo

Harbour Town
Here's my personal checklist (which pretty much works for my last few overseas runs):
• Make sure you have checked in and print your boarding pass. Print a spare copy for your return flight in case you misplace them.
• Visas are necessary for Australia. Do double check that you have your visas sorted out.
• If you travel on a budget airline e.g. AirAsia, it is better that you prebook your meal because it is cheaper. A must pre book on my return flights is nasi lemak!
• Passports, race collection confirmation, airport transfer confirmation and hotel booking confirmation
• Race day gears - shoes, socks, tee, shorts, belt, sports bra and cap. I normally wear my race shoe to board the flight so that I minimise my hand carry.
#Reason for this is you don't want to be caught in a situation of now delayed or lost luggage for the Big Day's race gear. If you are reliant on energy gels, you might want to bring them along in your hand carry but do declare them and place them in a transparent zip lock bag. Do note that you cannot bring in Made in Malaysia products that contain dairy ingredients. For more information:
• Comfort kit - it can get cold on the flight or you will want to be cozy during flight to enjoy a good rest. So I will have my Comfort Kit by AirAsia that includes a pillow, eye mask and blanket. In my case I will always have my faithful Yochana for me to carry and hug to sleep. You can always buy your on board your Airasia flight for RM37 or prebook it at a cheaper rate of RM31.
• Medication which must be labelled clearly. If you are prone to cold sores, do pack along your cold sore cream eg Zovirax.
• Vanity set. I am a girl so I travel with my toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, cleanser, moisturizer and deodorant.
• Its a long flight to Gold Coast, so dress comfortably. I normally wear compression socks for long flights.

Check in:
• Clothes - its generally sunny in Gold Coast. So I normally pack in my usual tees, shorts, short dresses, bikini (beach bumming is a must, a jump into the slightly cold water is optional but I normally jump in post race as part of my ice bath routine) and slippers. A windbreaker comes in handy because its light and will be perfect in the earlier mornings and evenings when it turns cooler.
• It gets really sunny in Gold Coast. Not much clouds in general, so it will be good to bring pack in sunscreen and sunnies. I normally pack in my hat or caps.
• Extra foldable luggage bag - highly recommended because Gold Coast is such a shopping haven from clothes, supplements, skin care and groceries. Groceries? Yes! I lug bag a whole lot of nut, biscuits and cereals home on each trip to Australia.
Ground transportation:
• Take advantage of airport transfers by the hotels or sign up for which offers a discount to all GCAM participants.
• Moving around in Gold Coast is relatively easy and seamless. Grab options of tram or buses which is affordable and you can either pay cash or buy the Gold Coast go explore card for AUD10 a day that allows you unlimited rides each day on the train and buses. Alternatively check with the retailers what is best for you based on your travel plans.
• On race day, take advantage of the complimentary travel by G:link to and from the Race Precinct (Southport Station). Display your race number when boarding the tram from 5am – 3pm. Standard Translink fares apply to non-registered accompanying persons. Visit for more information.

And for those who are thinking of joining GCAM...well its still open for registration. However, do check for flight availability first. My favourite budget airlines AirAsia still has a few more seats! Alternatively, you can always fly into Brisbane and then proceed with a domestic flight or a short 1 hour drive to Gold Coast.

For those who are participating in #GCAM15 this year, rest well and cya all in Gold Coast this weekend. Good luck in your run and may we all hit our PBs!

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