Hello TIME!

I blog for fun. However it’s no fun at all when I try to blog and my Telco plays tricks on me. The frustrations of wanting to share one’s thoughts (and pics) comes to a full stop merely because the connectivity is crawling. Last 2 weeks, a new Telco made its way to our home - TIME Broadband.
Previously I had no idea why one of my friends has always been so keen of TIME Broadband. However, starting from the day that I signed on the dotted line till usage, I am seriously impressed and have to agree with him that signing up with Time Dot Com is definitely the “bestest” thing that has happened to my Internet connectivity experience.

A few packages to choose from though the obvious one would be the 100Mpbs at RM179 per month (not inclusive of GST yet) A quota of 100GB might not be enough since both the husbter and I spend quite a bit of time online. However upon hitting our 100Gb quota, the throttle speed of 10Mbps seems much better than my other Telco contracts. So yeah…it’s TIME Broadband.

While I signed up much earlier, installation was not possible because I was travelling quite a bit the last 2 months. And when it was finally time for the installation, silly me had to misplace my mobile phone rendering me uncontactable. Surprise surprise…I must say that the folks at TIME were resourceful and pro active. They dropped me an email which I could access easily even if I didn’t have my phone with me. Thank you Bahiyah and good job!

I replied TIME and Bahiyah promptly contacted me on my alternative number. An appointment set up and all I needed to do was to wait for the contractors to swing by to do the necessary installation.

The management folks at my condo are a tad strict with installations. While I expected that I had to see my building management team or even the security guards, I did experience a seamless installation. Started with a friendly SMS reminder from my contractor on Thursday to remind me to be home on Friday 22 May @ 9am for my installation.

On Friday morning, the friendly contractor arrived at my guard house at 845am. He gave me a call and informed that he was in the midst of registering with my guard house and will only be able to enter the condo grounds at 9am. At 9:10am, my door bell rang. “Good morning. I am XXX from TIME. I am the one who will be installing your broadband.” 

All I needed to do was tell the contractor where I wanted my modem and router to camp. Of course he also advised me on the best location taking into consideration that my study room was a distance from the initial spot where I had the setup location to be. Took his advise and its no regrets because the recommended location meant that I had good signal from the router even when I am soaking in the bathtub and watching a movie on my iPad or cooking in the kitchen.

Installation was under 2 hours including pulling the lines into my condo, installing the brackets to conceal the cables from my curious furkids Shalom and Shiloh, testing the connectivity with the different gadgets that we have at home.
Wiring in process and everything was wired very neatly!

Fast forward, the speed has been good despite having at least 2 Macbooks, 2 iPads, 1 Android tablet, 2 Android mobile phones and 1 iPhone hooked up. Good means fast and stable - a far cry from the nightmare in my office (wishing and praying hard that TIME Broadband makes it way to my workplace soon). 
I signed up for a 30MB from #NoNamesMentioned but hmmm this is what I got.
And now this is what I have with TIME Broadband. Definitely much faster and cheaper too!

I’ve also got a brand new 1TB Western Digital hard disk too all thanks to their Promotion during that period! I’ve been told that they run a few offers every year so be sure to look out for the next one!

For more information on TIME Broadband, head on to to see whether there’s coverage in your area. Use the Plan Recommender if you are unsure what package suits you best (usage and wallet:P).

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