Ramadan 2015: Gobo Chit Chat @ Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

One of the best deals for the Ramadan this year is at Gobo Chit Chat @ Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The 'Selera Kampung' is priced at RM129 nett per person and for every group booking of 6 persons, one gets to dine for free!

Gobo Chit Chat remains one of our favourite places for buffet dinners even on regular days. The seafood fare is always impressive with lovely fresh seafood at the cold seafood counter, the Japanese section and of course the grilled counter. 

Like many other buffets in town, live stations are always a highlight. At Gobo Chit Chat, we had freshly fried / grilled seafood based on our selected items, rojak / sotong kangkung stall and nasi briyani. Not many but we are looking at good quality fare being dished out. In fact I must admit that the the rojak sauce used is amazingly good and brought back lots of memories of Penang!

One will never be short of for ready cooked items. Its a lovely selection of Western, Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes. Some of my faces this time were the satay, lo mai kai (glutionous rice) and crabs. Yes there was a few praparations for crabs and I actually had a few servings of the yummy crabs!

If you crave something healthy then the salad bar, kerabu and assortment of ulam will thrill your taste buds. 

A sweet end to a meal is always good and pretty much I will say that it is a 'must'. The desserts are impressive with a good selection of pastries, local kuih and ice cream. Even the selection of fruits is equally impressive.

The menu is rotated on a daily basis but here's a rough list of what we had. Visit Gobo Chit Chat @ Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur and let me know what else did you enjoy from the buffet since I do intend to return for my buka puasa as soon as I am back from Gold Coast for my race.
• Salad bar - ceasar salad mixed greens four dressings
• Malaysian Appetizer - gado-gado rojak pasembor acah buah ulam-ulam, sambal begedel ayam kerabu daging
• Japanese station - assorted sashimi, sushi and maki condiments
• Soup - sup daging berempah
• Asian dishes - nasi putih, sambal petai udang, sambal rendang daging, ayam masak merah, ikan merah asam pedas, kurma kambing, ketam masak lemak, lo mai gai, braised hong kong noodles, butter milk crabs, chili crabs, kung pao chicken, vegetables, poached chicken
• Western dishes - potato and leek soup, sirloin, french beans, onion gravy grilled chicken, chili cream sauce duchess potato, grilled summer vegetables, feta cheese
• Biryani - biryani ayam / chicken biryani biryani udang / prawn biryani
• Carving -  whole lamb leg, biryani rice, egg
• Hawker fare -  sotong kangkung, ikan bakar
• Goreng-goreng - burung puyuh goreng berempah, udang goreng berempah, ketam goreng kunyit, otak-otak 
• Manisan - cucur durian (durian fritters), pisang goreng, pulut durian
• Dsessert - ice kacang / shaved ice with 12 types of condiments, bubur kacang hijau, bubur sagu, blueberry cheesecake, coconut layer cake, black forest raspberry jelly, chocolate mousse, almond creme caramel, pear rosemary clafouties, chocolate almond torte, fruit trifle, oreo white chocolate mousse, tiramisu, mango tartlet, cheese filo pastry

Its an amazing fare for RM129 nett per person and smack in the middle of the city easily accesible by driving or even public transport. And if you take the LRT, its just a lovely cool 10 minutes walk through KLCC and the Convention Centre!

Gobo Chit Chat
Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2332 9888

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